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 div - Apr 17, 2015 at 02:40 PM

I have two systems: the first one is a domain member and other is the workgroup computer. Now I want to schedule copy command for copying one file on a daily basis from workgroup computer to domain member computer.

It is possible with a batch file?

Workgroup computer name: hisserver
User: administrator
Password: hisserver
Domain Member: hisbackup
User: administrator
Password: *healthbackup

System Configuration: Windows 2003 Internet Explorer 6.0

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Please try the following batch command:
  • set path=c:\WINDOWS\system32;
  • echo Copying started at %date% %time%>>_date_.txt
  • xcopy E:\backup \\SERVER\BACKUP\others /s /a /d
  • echo Copying finished at %date% %time%>>_date_.txt
  • echo Completed Successfully at %date% %time%>>_date_.txt
  • echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>_date_.txt
hi I have tired this way but it shows me erros,,,,iam trying to copy a file from my local machine(vista) to a remote machine(windows2003) and I am trying to copy a file from from
my c:\folder to c:\transfer in remote machine and I have given same command lines and it doesnot.

i have given like this xcopy c:\practicetemp \\ C:\transfer /s/a/d

rest is same,,,,,,,it gives invalid num of parameters
Dhritiman (SQL DBA)
Mar 18, 2015 at 04:00 AM works..thanks