Mac book with windows OS

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Hi guys, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Mac book but i wanted to know if it's possible to reformat this thing and install windows? I don't think being capable to learn how to use MacOs from the beginning :P

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You can only run windows on the Mac if you have a partition which Windows will recognize. Just separating a partition is not enough. (What would recognize the Win OS??) Use Boot Camp to install Windows, and when it asks you whether or not to format the partition for windows, do it. I tried it without formatting and it locked up. Boot Camp also utilizes a "translator" which makes Windows software usable in the Mac. If you install Windows via Boot Camp and try to run a WIINDOZE program in Mac mode, you'll just get a Finder window full of jibberish.

ZIGGY7: WHY in the world would you want to buy a Mac for WINDOZE use only? That's defeating the purpose of the Mac's speed and power. Windows' registry would make it run like a dog. Would you buy a brand-new Cadillac to put a small Ford engine in it? That's exactly what you're suggesting doing with your Mac..installing a slow OS with its miserable registry in a fast computer. Now, I'm NOT a dyed-in-the-wool Mac fan...YET. I just bought my first Macbook Pro. However, I AM very impressed with it so far, and I doubt that I'll buy an other Windows PC.

If you want to get the most out of a Mac, you do need to buy the appropriate software for it to make use of the thing. Using WIndows in a Mac is good for occasions in which you cannot find the right software for you in the Mac format. I have installed XP Pro in my Mac, but only so I can run Windows Apps I already have until I can find out what Apple software will best serve my purposes.

I can surely relate to how much the cost of new software will run up the tab on your Mac, but that's why you buy a Mac in the first place...using the software designed to keep a fast computer fast.

Merry Christmas, all!
Hello you can operate windows os by seprating the harddisk space ok
Hey there... Does macbook accepts MSF VISTA HOME BASIC ENGLISH 64BIT FULL VERSION SP1 as windows OS running from boot camp?? or does any kind of vista is accepted by mac??
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Hi, Mac accepts Vista and XP, I did not check all versions of windows, but it should work. I tried XP Pro and Vista Ultimate. With Vista I could get everything work fine only after updating Bootcamp from Apple's website.
But I agree with others that it is waste of money to use Mac for Windows. I am also new in Macworld but already love Mac OS X.