Fb account disabled no response to appeal

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Hello, sir..
My fb account got disable n i filled the appeal forum 6 days ago bt no response from fb.What shall i do it to enable?

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You have to do nothing, but wait, until the BOUNCER lets you BACK into the ALL EXCLUSIVE club that is FACEPUKE!

If you were last in line, and it takes the bouncer 20 minutes to verify each person, AND, only .05 % of the users needed to be verified, how long would it take? What is .05% of the number of subscribers they deal with?

Post back with correct answer and you (Raviyadav ) get a prize!

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But Sir Mark there are 2.5 billion fb users and I don't have enough fingers to calculate that much.

Pretty please with a cherry on top ! What is the prize?

What about if the bouncer decides to never reply, what can be done?

Previously my fb account was also disabled, when the appeal process was completed I had to wait about 1 or some weeks

Facebook Account disabled No response to appeal forms . Sir,Your security system has mistakenly removed my account without any reason. I can prove it. I am sending my ID card details to verify that I am the real person and not using anyone's identity. I think this information is enough for opening my account.
Now please open it as soon as possible.Thanks for your help
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We didn't receive it. Oh wait, we shouldn't have. We are not facebook. You do understand that you are posting on CCm.net, and not facebook right?