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I recently wanted to add some space to my computer, and found a place in settings that would turn my computer back to start (FUll reset), while in this process I got a question "Do you want to delete.. "ACER blablabla"? A list full with ACER programs. I thought YES, finnaly I can play some games. After doing all this I cannot access C: Drive, not to reinstall Windows or any ACER help program. After some "googling" i read that I might have gotten a Trojan. Please, is there anything, anyone can tell me about fixing this. I dont have CD-ROM and cannot make an USB Flash drive

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Thank you
You have deleted important files. Go to a friends house and build a USB from their PC! If you cannot make a USB drive, then it is a brick!

Thank you, ac3mark 1

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But it seems i have gotten some kind of virus, cause I can't access anything. I will try the usb tomorrow but my hopes are low. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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