Repeating problem, internet connected but webpages don't load [Closed]

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I've been having this problem where my webpages just don't load even though my internet is connected. My ip and dns are on automatic, I've done "netsh winsock reset", flush dns, ipconfig release and renew and nothing solves it. Restarting my pc makes it work for like a day before it doesn't work again.

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What operating system and wired or wireless internet
they are definitely on the same circuit, my internet is pretty stable and fast.
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So if the interent is stabke and fast, but the pc is loosing internet, the problem is with the plc. Try a wifi adaptor instead.
i'm not losing internet, I can still connect to the internet, my webpages just don't load. My pc also doesn't have wifi.
Ok, I guess you are missing how the internal network operates. The signal to your router is good. Once the router changes the protocol from Adsl into IP traffic (etherenet), it drops at the pc. So, if you were to string an ethernet cord from the router to the station, amd not use the power line convertor, it would work. The problem is with the powerline convertors.

I worked for At&t deploying internet to homes and business. We gave the customer the option to either pay for a new line to be pullled, and terminated properly, for a cost of course, or we could install Free PLC adaptors at each side of the network. If the customer opted for the plc, we would documnet it in notes, and in the case of a support call, the first thing any technician did was ask if it was a plc. If yes, we did not support it. If ee showed up to the house amd found one, we would charge for a support call because it was not supported. It was only there as an optiion forbthe customers who did not want a new wire, or did not want to pay for the network drop.
I can still continue doing everything on the internet except load webpages. I can play online games, I can chat, I can download. It doesn't have to do with my PLC's
If they are tplink plc, it is a known issue. Look at tplink support forums, there are issues like yours all over it.

Are the plc on a powersurge protector, either side? Is the router on the same circuit as the refrigerator, or any other motored appliance?

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