Ipod Frozen

Laurz - Jun 17, 2009 at 09:31 AM
 Uncool - Jun 21, 2010 at 02:16 PM
My Ipod has frozen and no matter what I do it will not switch on. Ive tried pressing down the menu and center buttons and it doesnt do anything...I plugged the ipod into the computer and it is not recognised or will not show up on itunes. Help....what can i do 2 it !! It has full battery and the appke logo won't even appear on the screen when you click down the menu and center buttons it has jus stayed blank...

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triodon Posts 13 Registration date Saturday March 28, 2009 Status Member Last seen June 18, 2009 3
Jun 17, 2009 at 01:03 PM
I think your ipod has got a shock or fell down! If is stills has warranty just bring it to your provider!!
hi fellow ipod user here,

when my ipod crashed all i had to do was drain down the battery completely by plugging the usb side of the white cord and placing it in a glass of water overnight while leaving ipod side connected to my device then just dry it out and plug it into the computer again, worked great on my 80 gig video classic. these things are like cell phones you gotta reset the battery once in a while. whatever you do dont smack it around.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your information. Right now I have the iPod nano 2nd gen. The one with the half screen not the full one. I got it off ebay like this iPod user's status right now, and so I could not bring it back to provider cause they probably would not fix it without the receipt or some other form of proof of payment, and I don't how to drain the battery completely. Like you said to connect the cable to the iPod than place the other end in a glass of water, I'm afraid that that might mess up the cable as well? This might be an odd way of asking any other help and I'm sure this makes no sense what I've said so far, but besides bringing it to the Apple store, what other ways could I drain the battery completely?
Ing this happens to me yesterday the best thing to do is leave it over night and try then and if that don't work take it to apple that's what I did