Multimedia audio controller

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i need to install the driver for my multimedia audio controller

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I had the same problem.
Reformatted a PC id got hold of to find the video controller had a yellow question mark in device manager.

Its not a removable graphics card so I had problems identifying it.

Tried a few motherboard and pc names and numbers but got nothing useful.

In the end I installed the driverguide toolkit.
Ive heard other people have used Everest
They push their fee paying update but it identified the manufacturer of the hardware for me, which I then googled to find a good driver quite easily.
Thank you

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hi I have the same problem like you it like if I want to wacth a video it doesnt make any sound how I can slove this problem can you help me please and also ivew been missing a driver from the montor the number is e153fp please tell me how I can solve this problem I will thank you a lot
hi need installer driver
> jords
i need to install multimedia audio controller
PLEASE GO to The company that made your computers website and please click on drivers and select your computer or if you have the disc plug it in and right click properties run with copatible windows xp or some thing like this if your using vista

You got poned by a n00b!!!

Thanx 4 readin this n00b
hi! I need multimedia audio driver
i can't install muiltimedia audio controller for my ibm 865
tx ............. very much
hi I need a multimedia controller driver because my sound is not working and when I look in the device manager beside multimedia controller has a yellow question mark on it... please help me... I cant find driver for my pc... im using windows xp.. thankss...
download multimedia audio controller pci card driver
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hello my tvcard doesn't exist to my pc so how to update my tv card I saw on the device manager my multimedia controller is shows yellow question mark but is not my audio device because my audio is works properly
so I need help in this 3 days most please ill check this days. thank you

hey cinee just go to C-media inc under google and look for a file UDA039_WDM or go to and type in UDA039_WDM search box!! and if you got the video controller vga compatible to work email me!! I need it!!

if u lost ur multimedia passworld then first u check ur computer mother board have wich company sound ic means if ur mother board have reltak sound ic then ic have some serial number.if u get sound ic number then u serach the driver throw of ic number

secound if u have any mother board cd then u can istall AC"97 driver its driver surropt all type of realtek ic


requard:gaurav rawat
Hi, I have the same problem n don't know what to do
hi dear can u told me which company computer now u using.
then I send u driver ok its a small problem for me

gaurav rawat
HCL Noida
Hi gaurav, thanks 4 sowin concern to this boring issue of mine. the name of the company is *Hewlett parckard* (H.P)

I have Sony Ericsson and VAIO. I have the same problem as the other people having the yellow ? so can you please send the driver to me? Your email address has been removed for your own security.
can you send me the multimedia audio controller driver Please?
i don't know how to even get the multimedia audio controller
you dont need the controller all you need is the drivers for it the multimedia audio controller is a card inside your computer
kindly allow me to download sound devises
hai... I have a problem to install multimedia audio controller. no my laptop can't not litsen the suond. and a don't which one I want install..? psl reply asap...
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Tell the brand and the model of ur computer. Or of ur MoBo if ur computer is a no-branded one.
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can you help me? I have Sony Ericsson VAIO and I need audio controller. Your email address has been removed for your own security.
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someone help me my speakers are not working and theres a yellow mark next to the multimedia audio controller.
u need RealTek multimedia audio controller driver

wich is

avail on net cant find it den ask me...install dis

RealTek multimedia audio controller driver

ur probs solved
hi................... I want my computer download drivers intel rf864aa-acj........... pl u give to this.........
nothing is working in this program there is no free in this world!!!!....(trust me!!)
I have Vista and mine will not show up at all like I do not have one