USB port and LAN port issues.

 Neophenom -
After a recent thunder storm, my PS4 Pro LAN and USB ports have stopped working all together. This includes the one in the back too. Connecting the controller, Flash Drive, or Wireless headset dongle produces no results. It's like the ports have no power at all. On top of that I'm getting the "Too Many USB devices" message. The usual fixes include some sort of use of a USB device, like using "Safe Mode". Is it time to consider the console lost?

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Hello, there is this solution on the Playstation forum here.

Apparently there's no driver support for LAN-to-USB adapters on PS4, so this is not a possible solution.

Can you try to connect to a wifi network?

I can connect to my Wi-Fi, no problem, but aside that, all three USB ports of my PS4 Pro, along with the Aux port for the camera, and the LAN port are dead. No power is being supplied, so I can't charge my controllers, use my headset, no camera for PSVR, and no LAN to stream games on PSNow. At this point it's likely to be a hardware problem and not something I can undo with any software solutions, since most require the ports to work to some capacity.
The link suggested is currently not opening for me. I'll try to look at it later, once it works.

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