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Hello, I'm having really big trouble with my laptop, it's not working as intended, there's a lot of problems, and i've tried some solutions but it just won't work, i've tried to system restore, i waited for at least 6 hours, and nothing happend, it just said it failed and that the restore point has been deleted, and now it's gone, also i have a missing .js, like Users/user/appdata/roaming/ .js was deleted.

It went out of control really quickly, just a couple of days ago it was working perfectly fine, now when i boot it up, there's a delay and a black screen, and when i log in, welcome screen goes, it flickers one time, then there's a black screen delay again, until i get to my home screen, and my apps and files that are normally in my desktop aren't there, it's just my wallpaper and a taskbar that doesn't respond, is there anyway to fix this, i can't even open chrome, nor install CCleaner

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Hello, from a previous best answer,

Try this:

1) When you switch ON your computer, start tapping the "F8" key to get "Windows Advanced Options" (if boot menu appears, press "Esc" key and keep tapping the F8 key)

2) Select the option "Last Known Good Configuration". If the problem still exists then follow the step 1 and this time select the option "Safe Mode". Check if you are able to boot into Safe Mode.

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Hello, i have tried the last know config thing, and it is still not working, i have booted into safe mode, safe mode works as intended, is there a next step?

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