Laptop will not connect to the internet

Ron - Jun 19, 2009 at 02:19 PM
 yadav - Dec 21, 2009 at 04:16 AM
My hp pavilion dv6000z will not connect to the internet using high speed cable modem, i am using ethernet port and all I getting is limited connectivity. The said laptop connect quite easy to the internet using a DSL modem. It uses a Windows Vista operating system

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Are you saying you once had this running with DSL, and now are trying to use Cable? That could be the hint right there.

My suggestion is this. Go to
Register with them so you can use their tools. No, they never spam nor are they annoying. Once you sign up locate the forum for your ISP. Example if you had Comcast Cable you go to the Comcast Cable Internet forum. Once there you can locate things such as your style modem, and more. You will find tips, tools, and expert advice on your specific modem/ISP.

They offer tips on using a tool called Dr. TCP which will check your computer to see if your settings are ideal and optimal for your type of connection. The forum for your ISP will offer you the best settings and it could increase your connection speeds.

Good Luck!
i am using dell 1525 laptop so i need to connect inter net to my laptop so please help to details