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 ChanNyinThu -
I try to login to my facebook and it says to verify my identity using one of the security check options. I have done every security check available several times with no success. I identify pictures of my friends correctly. I have entered my birthdate and it says its wrong. I checked the correct recent comments I have made as well correctly. After several attempts of completing all the security checks with correct answers from me the response I recieve is " Unable to verify your idenity at this time". The only option I am not able to try is send a code to my email because when I do attempt that the email address they want to send the code to is no longer available to me. The email address they send the code to is an email I had 10 years ago when I first opened my facebook account. Now I am not able to access my facebook due to this security check that is not able to see that I have provided 100% accurate responses to all the security check information they needed from me. This not right how can they prevent me from having access to my personal account with all my sensitive information and memories I have kept there. Does anyone have any idea what I can do now?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 84.0.4147.89

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Have you tried using the same device and browser to complete the security check? If yes, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then try to login again.

If you're still unable to complete the security check, you can report to Facebook that it prevents login. Here is the link to report this to Facebook.
Hello sir.
My facebook account has been locked. Aud I facing
the learn more button. From that I ean't open my
Facebook account or submit any I'd card to reviet
my owt nership. I am sending you the screenshot
here. Please fix this problem. I have many important
documents in this account.
Thank you.
Mari identity confirmation mein only one option a raha hai jismein ham Apne doston Ko nahin jante please dusre option aur den

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