Can't log in without paying

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When I try to log in to Instagram I get:

"Your free access is now finished. Please proceed to (small) payment to continue to have access to our service!"

Click "OK" this goes to a page asking for money.

If I click "no", the log in page closes down with a pop up showing:

"We are sorry you do not wish to help us :-("

Instagram worked for a couple of weeks before this message appeared.

I'm new to Instagram, so at first it seemed reasonable to pay, until I started asking around and was told by everyone that it is free.

Would be willing to pay, but not to give my credit card details to a suspicious site.

I'm on a windows 10 PC. The Instagram is personal, not for business. Not running any ads.

I can't delete my account because I can't log in.

I tried opening a new account, but same message.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram several times, but same message.

System restore to an old date didn't work.

No suspicious apps or programs I can see in Apps and Features.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Updated on Aug 17, 2020 at 01:18 AM
Hello, this sounds like a scam. Instagram is a free to use service and won't ask you to pay.

Have a look here on how to avoid scams on Instagram. You should try contacting Instagram's support centre to flag up this issue.

As for logging into your account - it could be that it has been hacked, hence why you are seeing the popups. Try connecting to Instagram on another device if possible. If the problem persists look here for information on how to recover a hacked Instagram account.

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