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Hello all,

Newbie here, hope i've posted this in the right section?

I've a wireless network at home which comprised my desktop (not wireless), iphone, blackberry and my work laptop that used a vpn to access works server.

Yesterday i purchased a new laptop which is running Vista, something that i've never used before. I managed to get the laptop connected wirelessly but could not connect onto the internet.

After speaking with my ISP (, they advised that it was a DNS problem and got me to manually enter into the "use the following DNS server address"; i did this and everything worked fine.

We then checked for Windows Updates, there were 55, so we left the laptop and let it run, it installed 45 of them. When the computer rebooted, we again couldnt connect to the internet and it had reverted back to "obtain dns server address automatically". Our ISP advised that the windows updates were the likely cause and gave us the DSN adresses again.

Windows then started the other 10 updates, once completed, we were back with the same problem.

Basically, the problem is that everytime we run a windows update, it clears the manually entered DNS Server Address; is there a way to stop this from happening?

There might be a simple solution to this, am just a bit of a novice and would appreciate the help of the experts on here!


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Very simple: stop using Vista.
Visit for instance for downloading an alternative.