86 yo father can't sign in with correct email/password b/c Yahoo requires verifi

columbia93 - May 6, 2021 at 04:19 PM
 derar - Jun 29, 2021 at 03:59 PM
My 86 yo father got a new tablet and we're trying to set him up again but I can't log him in to Yahoo. Why? No idea.
We have the email addy & password written down. But Yahoo requires a verification, even though it was verified when it was setup. The verification email acct doesn't work so we can't retrieve the verification code. I can't fix the verification email acct because it is tied to Yahoo. We have ALL of the information for both accounts, including passwords and neither Yahoo nor Google is worth a d***.

The thing is Yahoo is okay with the sign in information and the ONLY thing that's preventing us from moving ahead is the absurd need to verify the account. If Yahoo moves ahead without verifying, I can get into Yahoo and then try to fix the mess Google has made and all will be well. But no.

And no way to contact Yahoo to fix THEIR mistake without paying them to fix their mistake!

I tried to set him up with another email account but I can't because my 86 year old father doesn't have a mobile phone. I'm pretty disgusted right now and would love to hear from Yahoo that they can bypass the verification process, at least until I can get the accounts up and running. Again, I have ALL of the information as we write it down for just this occasion...and yet it makes no difference.

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Hello, have a look in this article produced by CCM giving you all of the possible solutions on how to recover a yahoo account. Unfortunately, the article is exhaustive, containing all the known solutions.

A final option would be to contact yahoo support directly.


Contacting Yahoo directly now means they charge you. Crooks. And this is a problem they created because we have the appropriate sign-in information.
Their is no answer in this article for my problem
I call phone service but told me that your country not supported in this service
Unfortunately, I have old Yahoo accounts and I don't know how to access them
Although I know the strong password for it and know all the emails inside it because I use it daily and know the secret question for it, the date and place of its creation and I run some business with it on the Internet, but this email I linked to retrieve it with another email with the same name on Hotmail I have not used it for more than five years and a phone number on The company closed the slide for several years, too
Note that when I was asked to verify that I was the owner of the account, I was sending many emails for my business, nothing in it is illegal and I do not cross it, he took me out of the email exclusively and asked me to verify ownership
How is that when I have the password and know the details of this email?