Is my call of duty 4 messed up?

 adilg89 -
my name is scott thier and i just bought call of duty 4 modern warfare for ps3 no matter what ive done when i first go to load online games it just shows a blank square and says downloadin game settings. how the hell can i fix this problem its so frustrating i want to play cod4 modern warfare. im signed in to my account and ready to play if u help me fix this hit me up on cod4 modern warfare for ps3 my gamertags crazythier90. help me get my game workin plz so i can play online! this thing of it sying a blank square with public playists written overtop is annoying and then sayin downloadin game would be nice bye now!

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im still resolving this issue
i ahd gthe same problem,restart the router striaght b4 playing cod4 and u shud be alright,