Issue with shop and professional dashboard on instagram

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Thursday July 29, 2021
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July 29, 2021
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Hi I have a business account on instagram that had been working fine. Then about a month ago when I was adding product to the shop I started to have issues. These include the shop would not allow me to add any more products or delete the existing. The shop can be seen by site visitors but as an admin I can view the shop but does not allow me to see products to edit. In addition to this the professional dashboard will not load. The link is there allowing me to click on, but when I click it says unexpected errorv occured - you are receiving this error becasue something went wrong while loading this screen- tap the retry button to try again (bit no retry button shows). Also if I do promotion payments and set a budget over a number of days the daily budget is never hit as the adverts stop working part the way through the day. I have submitted help requests through instagram. I only set my business up a couple of months ago and the clothes I have designed are summer clothes so really need to try and rectify. ANY ADVISE OUT THERE?? Forgot to say another account I have access to allows me to access the dashboard and no issues, so seems isloated to this one account.

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Hi! I am also having the exact same issue except my products aren’t showing in my shop and when i click on add products and click on the shop it doesn’t link! I’m also having the same issue with professional dashboard !!
Anyone solved this issue? It’s really frustrating!
Hi! no still having the same issue, haven’t found a solution :(