How do I remove a recovery e-mail from Yahoo Mail?

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Hi, I want to remove a recovery e-mail from my Yahoo mail account because it goes to an old work address. All the online guidance suggests that this should be straightforward - e.g., go to Yahoo Account Security page, click the Edit icon next to the recovery option you want to delete, click Remove from my account, etc. The problem is ... there is no Edit icon next to the e-mail address I want to delete!

What do I need to do to get rid of this old recovery e-mail address? Help!

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I also have the same problem. In my case, only "Edit" button is shown.

I can't believe how terrible Yahoo Mail has become. But with some guess work I'm able to delete it.

Let's say you have two emails: recover1 and recover2

Let's say you want to delete recover2

Right click on "Edit" button and click "Copy Link"

Paste it on text editor. It will look like this: (Removed for privacy and brevity)

Replace "refresh" part with "review/emails" so it looks like this (Removed for privacy and brevity)

Paste the modified address to your browser and visit it

If the page shows recover1, click "Yes" and it will show recover2

If the page shows recover2, click "No" and follow the next step to delete the account

I hope this helps.
Thank you

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Thank you very much for your help : ))
Same problem here and following this stream in the hope to find a solution !!