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I've been transferring digitalized media to a 2 Tb pendrive. After transferring from PC to pendrive, some of the DVD's/torrents won't open, sometimes they'll open once and then after dismount/remount, won't play again . Checked pendrive on 2 different sources and it checked out "in working order". Lately, because of these issues, I've transferred all data straight to pendrive...skipping the PC file transfer process, but it hasn't helped. I'll give some detail, but I doubt it'll help with the answer....transferred from PC (Win 10) to pendrive--some video MKV, some mp4-- so far, all the music files open/play--some video that won't open w/ VLC can be opened w/ SMPlayer (??). I've formatted pendrive 2x's and it's NTFS format. I've been putting ripped material on pendrives for years and these issues are a first for me. Anyone have any ideas on correcting these issues?



System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 100.0.4896.127

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I want to share with you some of the effective solutions to restore disappeared files and fix such issues:

1. Unhide Files in Pen Drive Using Windows Explorer
2. Recover Hidden Files with some data recovery software
3. Unhide Files in Pen Drive in Windows Command Prompt
4. Format Pen Drive that Is Not Showing Data Files
5. Check and Fix USB Drive Errors.

If the data on your USB has accidentally been hidden or made invisible by a virus, you can try to unhide your files using CMD. There are other ways available to show hidden files on a USB drive too, check them out if you want.
Step 1. Connect the USB pen drive or flash drive to the PC.
Step 2. Open Windows "File Explorer" > Go to "Tools" > "Folder" Options > Go to the "View" Tab > Check "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Finally, click "Apply". This will make sure that the files and folders are not in hidden mode.

Windows Command Prompt is a suitable tool for professionals to solve many computer storage issues. It's a kind of high-level tool that requires administrator permission.

Step 1. Click on the "Start" Menu > "Run" > Type cmd and press "Enter".
Step 2. To make the USB pen drive data show up, type this commands: attrib -h -r -s K:\*.* /s /d press "Enter". (Replace "K" with the drive letter of your pen drive.)

Format the USB Pen Drive That Is Not Showing Files
When your USB pen drives data, files are not showing, when you see some error messages appear on your screen. This indicates something has gone wrong with your USB file system, which includes the drive being corrupted, damaged, inaccessible, or showing RAW, and asking you to format it. The common errors are usually as follows.
• You need to format the disk before you can use it (in Windows 10/8/7)
• The disk is not formatted (in Windows XP)
• The volume does not contain a recognized file system
To overcome this kind of problem that causes the data not to show, you need to format the drive to a Windows-recognized file system. Since formatting erases data completely, do not start to format the disk before recovering data. Firstly recover the data by using data recovery software and then format it.
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Thanks for replying and offering up the "solutions". With the drive I have, it's just a fake. Yup, got ripped off. Yet, I'll hang onto your response for future reference