Cannot upload video to story?

fox94 - Oct 4, 2022 at 03:32 PM


So i got some video's i recorded with my phone that i would like to upload to my story. But when i upload one, it says "Cannot upload, please try again".

I don't know if instagram is supposed to downscale a video automatically if it's too big, but after a couple of tries, i did that myself. Because i did record the video in 4k, so i brought the resolution down using some website to the preferred 1080x1920, it's what i read online that a story video should be.

And it still did not work.

Right now i used some editing app, i choose the 9:16 format that instagram should prefer. I trimmed it to be a 14 second video because originally it's 26 seconds, and now it works and it uploads to my story.

Now i use the same app again, choose the 9:16 format again, but did not trim the video and kept it 26 seconds long. Then i saved the video to my device. Went on instagram to upload the video, but no it tells me it cannot upload. But the weird part is, this time the first 15 seconds did not upload but then the remaining 11 seconds DO upload??

Can anyone give me any tips? Maybe someone knows a editing program that always worked for them in this matter?

Windows / Chrome