Can't boot Windows XP reinstallation CD

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Hey guys,

I'm wanting to do a clean install of Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 9150 but the computer cannot seem to boot up the reinstallation CD when turning the computer on.

I have accessed the Boot Device Menu by pressing the F12 key on startup. I then selected the 'Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive' and pressed the enter key. The message 'Selected boot device not available - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility' appears.

As retrying the boot does not work. I accessed the setup utility by pressing the F2 key. This took me to the BIOS setup. I accessed the 'Boot Sequence' option, which is located underneath the 'System' heading. A list of 5 devices appear:

1. Onboard SATA Hard Drive
2. Onboard or USB Floppy Drive (not present)
3. Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive
4. Onboard IDE Hard Drive (not present)
5. USB Device (not present)

I moved number 3 - Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive to the top of the list, making it number 1. I saved the changes and exit. The CD still does not boot up, Windows XP loads as normal.

Do any of you guys have any idea how I can get it to boot up? I really need to reinstall Windows XP again!

Thanks guys,

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if your computer is not giving you the option to boot from dvd/rom, restart computer, then hit f12 tab down to system setup, scroll down to boot sequence hit enter and make sure there is a check mark next to boot from dvd rom.. this was my problem.. check and hit exit and save changes, restart computer, f12 again... boot from dvd rom should be there
thx a bunch it worked sean...awsome I didnt kno wut the prob was at first but I think its going good now I got the cd to boot up =)
it is nnot working
pllllllllllllllz help me
after pressing f12 nothing happens
what shhould I do