Can't boot Windows XP reinstallation CD

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Tuesday June 30, 2009
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Hey guys,

I'm wanting to do a clean install of Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 9150 but the computer cannot seem to boot up the reinstallation CD when turning the computer on.

I have accessed the Boot Device Menu by pressing the F12 key on startup. I then selected the 'Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive' and pressed the enter key. The message 'Selected boot device not available - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility' appears.

As retrying the boot does not work. I accessed the setup utility by pressing the F2 key. This took me to the BIOS setup. I accessed the 'Boot Sequence' option, which is located underneath the 'System' heading. A list of 5 devices appear:

1. Onboard SATA Hard Drive
2. Onboard or USB Floppy Drive (not present)
3. Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive
4. Onboard IDE Hard Drive (not present)
5. USB Device (not present)

I moved number 3 - Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive to the top of the list, making it number 1. I saved the changes and exit. The CD still does not boot up, Windows XP loads as normal.

Do any of you guys have any idea how I can get it to boot up? I really need to reinstall Windows XP again!

Thanks guys,

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if your computer is not giving you the option to boot from dvd/rom, restart computer, then hit f12 tab down to system setup, scroll down to boot sequence hit enter and make sure there is a check mark next to boot from dvd rom.. this was my problem.. check and hit exit and save changes, restart computer, f12 again... boot from dvd rom should be there
Thank you

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thx a bunch it worked sean...awsome I didnt kno wut the prob was at first but I think its going good now I got the cd to boot up =)
it is nnot working
pllllllllllllllz help me
after pressing f12 nothing happens
what shhould I do
The DC's or DVD's are not defective. Usually on Dell computer there is an extra partition on the hard drive for restoring the computer. When the CD or DVD drive is booted up it will look for this partition to do the re-installation process from which it gets configuration files that are proprietor to the Dell empire.
So how do I get this to happen? All I get is a blue screen. I know it is infected, but I can't access command prompt or anything else. I've tried all the boot options, the CD ROM drive makes a lot of attempts, but doesn't open and I get no choice as to which partition to boot from/to.
If I could get something started, I could probably fix it.
I've tested the Reinstallation CD on another computer and the screen promptly pops up with options, but can't get it to boot to the infected computer. Have tried restore option, re-arranged boot options, last known configuration etc etc.
Windows XP Home on a Dimension 2400.
I don't have a windows xp home Installation CD, only XP Pro.
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Make sure your CD Rom can Read DVDS.
Try an external CD Rom device.
Windows Disk may be not work properly.

View my website, it may be helpful.
Post in forum if you like. for more details
If you need professional repair service we can help, also have software if needed
You need to go the the boot menu (F2) and change the SATA sequence to SATA/ATA, or when you boot from the disk to re-install windows, you hit F6 to install the SATA drivers from a floppy, if you have it.

Having this exact same problem, working on the fix now but I am assume it is because the older drive cannot read -R or -RW DVD's.

Is the disc you are trying to install with the original? A Burned copy? The one I am using is an Image on a DVD -RW and the computer is quite old also and wont read the disc. I am going to hook up an external DVD drive and see if it can read it. If your having the same problem, look into either getting an external DVD drive or make an image of the disc onto a DVD +RW if you know how.

Hope this tip helped you, I will post back with an update shortly as I am using my other disc (a +RW) in another drive..

But I noticed the laptop I am trying to install windows on does not even see the -RW disc's in windows... Anyways, updates shortly!

So, I used my +RW cd in the laptop and it sees it fine. I have to burn another Pro XP image on a +RW disc and will tell you how that works out.

I do believe this is the cause, because -RW are a newer format and the older computers, and they see +RW's fine, but not -RW's, for the exact reason I do not have the answer. I hope this helped and if you need additional help on the problem/something else feel free to ask/contact me.
Can't boot from usb CD/DVD but usbflash does

OK, here is the problem everyone. I am working on a dell inspiron 1525 and the vista/recovery disc on the HDD got corrupted... go figure. So, now I am trying to install another os on it. But now the internal CD rom drive is not working. It will not open and I have to use a paper clip to pop the tray out. I then placed an os boot cd in there and that doesn't work. Though the cd rom drive is detected in the bios.

Since that doesn't work I am trying to use my usb dvd/cd rom drive to install an os. But when I try to press f12 to select a one time boot as a usb device, it doesn't detect the usb cd/dvd rom either.

I also tried making the boot from usb the primary boot device. I then tried disabling HDD and NIC and leaving only usb drives to be booted but it still doesn't see the USB CD/DVD rom drive. I tried the using my usb CD/DVD drive on other computers and it boots up fine and is detected in windows gui's. The 1525 does, however, detect usb thumb/flash drives.

I then tried to install ubuntu via usb flash drive and it would not detect the HDD. I get that whole "no bootable devices - strike f1 to retry and f2 for setup utilities" bit. It is funny cause the HDD is detected from the BIOs.

So, I then pulled out the HDD and placed it in a usb converter to see if the HDD is bad but it works fine on other computers. the hard drive is detected from windows gui. I tried to install ubuntu on it but when the HDD is reinstalled back into the laptop, same problem, it wont be detected by the laptop.

I also reinstalled the bios. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
i m having same problem with dell inspiron1525 any solution...
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this means your DVD drive isnt recognized or may be it's damaged! you won't be able to install windows if this happened! So you will have to replace the drive or install windows from USB!