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Hello,i'm trying to connect to my other computer by remote desktop connection from my laptop. my other computer has windows xp media center addition and my laptop has windows vista home basic addition.i can view my other computer's shared files by typing "\\(and the comutername)" on to the adress bar thing. so I definatly have a network. but if I type computer name on remote desktop connection it won't work! help please!
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You need to right click my computer go to properties, go to remote tab, enable remote connections on both machines. I was told that you can use Home version to connect to Business/Pro versions, but you can't connect Home version to Home version. Windows Vista Home/Home Premium, Media Edition, Windows XP Home, are all considered Home versions. I haven't tried it, but that makes sense. Home version isn't really designed for network use.

Thank you, helpdesk 33

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owwwwwww =[ - but windows xp does have remote desktop =[, thanks for the help anyway =]
I'm having exactly the same issue. Did you ever resolve your problem. I have 10 workstation and I can RDP to 9 of them but the 10th shows your issue.


im a pc!! pc's rule!!
"When I try to connect to my server, it just says "The remote computer requires Network Level Authentication, which your computer does not have." I have windows? XP" everywhere
Thanks a lot for this solution
Thank you
First make sure you have enabled "Allows users to connect remotely to this computer" under the remote tab of you systems properties window on the computer you are trying to access remotely.

Second make sure the one you're accessing with has "Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer. It's under the same remote tab in your system properties window.

Thirdly, make sure that you're not just logged into a administrator account on the computer you are trying to access. Meaning the account isn't the built in administrator account. If you click your start button it doesn't say "administrator" as the name of the account.

Fourth don't type in computer name in the "remote desktop connections" window. Type in the IP of the machine. Need anymore help just email me.

I can connect with the Remote Desktop Connection ... ver 2.0.1.

I can connect using the IP address, but the network is DHCP, and I would like to connect using the Name of the Windows machine, and not IP address any ideas?

Thank you
Update your Nvidea display drivers with the latest for your chipset from the Nvidea site.

I know it's counterintuitive but this should fix the remote desktop issue with XP machines from dell.

When we try to connect (using Remote Desktop Connection) to our "new" office Dell (which just replaced an identical Dell Precision 380) the Dell reboots. Since the computer is password protected we have to come back to the office to enter password so it can finish loading. We are pretty sure the settings are correct but perhaps we have overlooked something. Any suggestions? The RDC worked flawlessly in the previous Dell. Thanks in advance.

YOU ROCK!! Who would have thought that updating my NVIDIA display drivers on the PC I wanted to Remote Access was at the heart of the problem!

My symptom was on my Vista PC that choosing Remote Access Connection to connect to my XP PC would bring up a message saying that I was connecting to a PC running a different version of Windows Remote Access. I clicked yes to proceed and when I clicked the connect button again it greyed out and then a second later it came back with no message. Updating the NVIDIA driver did the trick.


sorry not with homebasics os,
Guys I had the same problem and none of the answers fixed it, but I finally manage to solve it...

Go to Display Properties on Control Panel
Click in the tab of Settings
Click on the Advanced Button
Go to the tab of Troubleshoot
Set the Resolution there to None...
Apply and try again...


Thanks anyway for all the suggestions!
Kasrock's post above worked for me, except it is not "Set the Resolution" it is set the Hardware acceleration to None. Weird problem why my computer would not connect to any known remote desktop machines/terminal servers, but for some maddening reason this was the solution
Thank you
right click on my computer - go to properties- Remote - two check boxes select -

restart system then check
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Make sure Windows Firewall is turned off or has an exception for the incoming IP
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I was having issues connecting from Vista home Premium/Windows 7 home premium to XP Pro. The solution was on the Windows XP machine I had to goto the Windows Firewall -> Advanced tab and for each network type I wanted to allow remote connection, click on Setting and allow Remote Desktop. You need to do this apart from adding an exception to Remote Desktop in the exceptions tab.
this is exactly what sorted it for me
Thank you
XP has remote desktop in sp2 or sp3, and you can use it to connect to Vista home basic and premium but not vice versa. Is their another program that will allow remote connect available for use with vista basic and home? Vista business and ultimate is the only versions with full capabilities of remote desktop.
user > gypsydogg - Feb 11, 2009 at 04:17 AM
maybe you can try adding port to your XP Firewall.

Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall

Go to Exceptions tab. click "Add Port"

Name: Remote
Port Number: 3389

It works for me.
You said you have this working perfectly. Using VPN and remote access from your vista home os to an xp os computer?
not only that what ever gateway ip address is you need to make sure remote manage is enable with your user name and password
remote desktop control works perfectley for me (Vista Home admin and XP home Host)
OldandGray 2 Posts Monday March 8, 2010Registration date March 8, 2010 Last seen > d - Mar 8, 2010 at 05:02 AM
OK, Just went thru this -- first time it worked, then nothing.
Tonight after numerous language words I remembered reading of problems with
Microsoft TCP/IP Version 6 -- so if you have gone the video route without success
Try this -- --

On "My Network" or "Network Connections" -- whatever it is --
(I renamed mine to "Network" but that is irrelevant.)
Whatever it's labeled, right click it and select "Properties"

When the window opens find your wireless connection -- again, Right Click on "Properties"

On the "General" tab scroll the list labeled "This connection uses the following items:
If one is labeled "Microsoft TCP/IP Version 6" remove the Check mark next to it, OR uninstall it.
There should be one labeled "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" - make sure it is checked.
If it's not there then select "Install" then "Protocol" -- select it and make sure it is installed and check marked.

Should fix the problem -- Make sure all the other Microsoft Library article settings are correct (sounds like you did.

Another item for many here -- Remote Desktop comes in Windows XP Pro for sure and I think other
XP versions with service packs installed. --
If it's not installed then go to the Microsoft Library, get the download to install it. It works on virtually all windows from 95 on! Also -- If you run Windows 7 on one machine it will connect to the XP machines using Remote Desktop -- BUT not the other direction.. I don't check this site often but if you can try me at "jjshaffer3" on Yahoo email - I will try to help, but if I get overloaded I will probably post to the board and reply as such--

Hope this helps solve some of the mysteries!
Thank you
apparently, you can't connect from windows vista home basic to windows vista media centre edition .. or other way around =( there's no way. you need to have windows vista buissness or higher I think..
You most certainly can connect to a Vista Home PC from another PC. you simply need to add the batch file for terminal services. then you are just like a vista Ultimate machine.(in terms of rpd capacity) has the files you need
Thank you
try this software

easiest way to connect remotely.No monthly subscription charges/download limit.
Thank you
if u have a user account password in windows xp give the other person your password. if you dont have a password in windows xp create 1 then give the other person ur lgin details. dont know y but it works instantly with a user account password. the firewal setup just dont seem to work.
The Vampire O - Jan 26, 2010 at 10:44 AM
Thank you
Ranger you rock! Updating the vid drivers worked like a charm on the dell 755 w/ati card!

Thanks again!
jbaillie 2 Posts Thursday March 11, 2010Registration date March 11, 2010 Last seen - Mar 11, 2010 at 04:34 PM
Thank you
firstly have you tried to ping you address if you can ping it then the problem possible you have not allowed reomte desktop connection right click on my computer and goto remote option and allow it there
jbaillie 2 Posts Thursday March 11, 2010Registration date March 11, 2010 Last seen - Mar 11, 2010 at 04:36 PM
Thank you
try checking you remote desktop cconnection is enabled on windows
Crunchy Frog - Apr 3, 2010 at 12:09 PM
Thank you
A few days ago my previously working connection to an XP box from a Win 7 one stopped working. Checked all the settings and nothing had changed.

After a lot of digging and experimenting I found that I can now connect only if I use the IP address of the target computer instead of its computer name. I presume that MS, in their infinite wisdom, screwed something up during an update.
Thank you
I've actually just resolved this issue for myself - I had been struggling with it for weeks.

Basically my remote desktop used to work, but suddenly stopped, and I could not figure out how to get it going again. In my set up, I am using a laptop to try connect to a desktop located somewhere else in the building but on the same network. All the Remote Desktop configurations were in place it seemed.

So after reading a post above suggesting looking at the Remote settings under My Computer (My Computer, Right Click, Properties, Remote) I notice that you could add users specifically that can access this computer remotely. It said that my user was already configured to access the machine remotely, but I went ahead and added myself anyway, and as soon as I did, voila!! (as they say)
Thank you
Thanks a lot it work for me too optiplex 755 dell windows XP sp2 updating the ati driver, thanks again... :)
ClzcntE > Ranger Sasquatch 5 Posts Thursday November 5, 2009Registration date December 16, 2009 Last seen - Dec 16, 2009 at 06:26 PM
Hey Ranger.
Any knowlege if this would be a similar problem with a asus netbook with a intel Driver Version
Thanks Much.
Ranger Sasquatch 5 Posts Thursday November 5, 2009Registration date December 16, 2009 Last seen > ClzcntE - Dec 16, 2009 at 06:58 PM
Off the top of my head I really can't say. I'd make sure that the NLA Service (Network Location Awareness) is turned on (in XP) AND I'd update those intel video drivers to the latest not beta version for that chipset.

Is this a Dell PC we're discussing?

ClzcntE > Ranger Sasquatch 5 Posts Thursday November 5, 2009Registration date December 16, 2009 Last seen - Dec 18, 2009 at 05:43 PM
It's a Asus eeee, I cant see it now cause it got on the road to NC and we tried to day to get a connection and couldn't get it.
When she gets back I can try some ? any thing else.
I was using my xp pro E6500 and couldn't get it to connect then found that the W firewall was blocking in conjunction with COMODO and once disabled W it was working like it should on note book to desktop in house.
But nothing I tried cold get the asus to go.
ClzcntE > Ranger Sasquatch 5 Posts Thursday November 5, 2009Registration date December 16, 2009 Last seen - Dec 18, 2009 at 05:54 PM
Let me add a little info on the asus it's a 10" and the old tech at her office upgraded it to xppro so it should be capable to host or client with no problems.
Thank you
I actually really appreciated the support and interface of Proxy Network's PC remote access and think you might want to try that. I know you can try many versions of remote software, like TechInLine, LogMeIn, Hamanchi and Proxy Networks, for free. Many even have free versions. I like Proxy because of the security layers and the interface. It also doesn’t weigh heavy on my laptop and the installation was a snap. But like I said- I would play around and try a few before committing to one.
Thank you
Ok, I see alot of ppl got there problems solved here so I am gonna try also : )

I am trying to connect from XP professional to XP Media Center. I keep getting errors, Remote desktop is checked, Port according to Media cntr PC is open. Tried connecting through IP and Computer name, Id really appreciate the help, I dont have Nvidea, I have radeon according to my Display properties. I believe all my drivers are up to date.

Thank You in Advance!!

you checked both firewalls 9 times out of ten this will be the prob.

also as far as am aware you cant remote a newer version of windows from an old one?
OldandGray 2 Posts Monday March 8, 2010Registration date March 8, 2010 Last seen - Mar 8, 2010 at 05:24 AM
If anyone has gone the video driver route and still have Remote Desktop problems
go look at the Post I made concerning RDT and "Microsoft TCP/IP Version 6" --
Also -- not trying to trump RS in any way. He is correct that many
other machines use NVidia video chipsets. And you can often use
drivers from the NVidia site, however, every so often an OEM (manufacturer)
will customize the standard video drivers to their own need. So if you pull them
from Nvidia site and have other video problems OR your video goes haywire,
look on the computer makers site. You may have to roll the drivers back and
reinstall ones from the PC makers site .. Take care --
Thank you
First go to your computer then go to start> Control panel > System> remote setting then check the "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"

On your laptop
Go to All programs> Remote Desktop connection
(or if your can't find it, use the search panel)
> a log on window will appear, enter the computer's username and password.
Then there you go!
coloradohome 1 Posts Friday May 21, 2010Registration date May 21, 2010 Last seen - May 21, 2010 at 11:41 AM
Thank you
I've started experiencing this as well recently with multiple systems and multiple clients connecting to their systems.

Methinks logmein is getting to successful for their own connection.
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