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I accidently disabled all of my user accounts including the administrator. now I am locked
out. cant remember password for administrator. I have tried to get into safe mode by hitting f8 but it will not go into safe mode to try and change or enter a new password. am I at all on the right

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reboot the machine .
press F8 ans select command prompt
in command prompt user the command "NET USER (username) (newpassword)

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1. Restart Your PC
2. Pres F8
3. Run PC in Safe Mode
4. Enter Administrator Account (There Need No Password)
5. Go to Control Pannel
6. Then go to User Accounts
7. Delete Password
9. Restart PC Again
Thanks For U'r Answer's.My Pc Is Now Working Fine
There is a password required on mine to run admin even in safe mode
Same here and I can't afford to take to someone to try recover my pw. This is awful I need my pc for my work :/
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Please follow the instructions provided by Microsoft: