ITunes Will Not Show IPod Nano [Solved/Closed]

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When I plug my IPod 8GB Nano into my computer windows will recognize it, but Itunes will not show it. In "My Computer" it shows up as the drive that it's inserted in, and every time I attempt to acess it a prompt comes up that asks me to format the drive.
I just got the IPod recently, but there are a few songs on it, and I would really prefer not to format it. What can I do in order to keep my music? I've tried the IPod on other computers, and it registers on those, but on my own it does not show.

Also, I can't get the latest version of Itunes to install. Every time I attempt to do so a prompt says that it is not a 'valid Win32 file'. What can I do about that?
I was really looking forward to using my IPod, but if I can't use Itunes in conjunction, then what's the point?
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I zeroed a 16gig nano with disk utility: format Mac OS Extended (journaled)
It showed up in itunes as usual but I had to restore it/
Its synching up now.
I hope this helps someone else...

Thank you, neal 6

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neal, thank you, i've been struggling with this for so long and you have given me my ipod back to me. I'm so happy its ridiculous.
Thank you
I had the same problem with my ipod nano 3gen. It would not sync with itunes or be recognized by my pc.
Here is what worked for me: while the ipod is plugged in and itunes open I had to reset the ipod by pressing the menu and center button at the same time and then when the apple showed on the screen press the center button and Play/Pause. This brings up "disk mode" your computer and itunes should recognize your ipod after a few moments. You can then press the restore button which will clear the nano's drive and it will automatically replace the deleted items back onto your ipod. Hope this helps for anyone looking for a solution to a frustrating problem.
This works a treat!
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Thank you

you need to format it to be able to use the iPod.
Thank you
Where is the menu button?