Can't open USB flash disk

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I got a problem, when I plug my USB flash disk, it says "USB Devire Not recognized", it does apply to all USB flash disk, but I can use the port normally for my USB mouse or connecting my phone through USB port.. I can open my USB flash disk on another computer, so it's not the problem from the device. This problem is started when I plug one of my flashdisk to my computer, but when I scan that flashdisk on another computer, there are no threat like virus or another script.. I've already tried to install the newest USB driver 2.0, but it's still "Not recognized".. Please help me, I got a dead end here..

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Chilling_Silence31-12-2004, 01:51 PM:

Right-click on My Computer and choose Manage
Click on Disk Management
Right-click on your Thumbdrive and select "Change drive letter and paths"

Give it another drive letter and see if it sorts itself :-)
Thank you

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really u good man :D
your way to repair it didnt do any thing but I try by other thing but its in Manage and it sucess

Thanks worked for me too ;-)
but it doesn't work to me :/ what should I do :/ ?
thanx bro. u r a life saver
right click on my computer , then select properties , from hardware window select device manager. select universal serial bus controllers. right click on unknown device and select uninstall.
and reinsert your usb and it will work .
Ahh thanks so much
you are a genius! haha
I really can't thank you enough :)
still not work,what to do ? any idea?
it realy works..thnks dude ur my hero..
Your a life harmer....
I can;t find Unknown Device and the USB without memory card....
this worked awesome for me...thank god I came across this thread..
Thank you very much for this valuable information. :)
Wow, thanks so much for the info, I too have been looking for a while . The fix worked like a charm.
Again, Thanks
thanks so much it worked perfect for me!!!!!!!!!:D
hey it solved my problem too!!! great and thanks so much!
Sorted me out too!
Thank you for saving my life!

Thanks a lot dear..............
thank tou very much that was very nice of you to do that
W@Ow amazing, I was having a Hard time on this and I Reboot my Laptop to A NEw Fully NEw. And still have it, but when I type "Why can't I click on hard disk in my computer" in google and this Tips poop out and I solved my problems so simply.
- I choose letter F and it work, then I change it back to any letter I want, and it still work. Awsome.