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I have a new laptop bought on the USA but I am living in Spain at the moment. When I type to use google to perform a search, it automatically changes to That happened to me in other computers so I know that if I click " in English" it goes to But with my laptop it immediately goes back to and if I perform a search, it gives the results in spanish first. Searching for pictures or news is even more painful. Could anybody tell me how to change the settings so I can use instead of

Thanks in advance.

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I use Windows® and Internet Explorer 8.

I usually get redirected to

However, typing "/ncr" (no country redirect) after the address takes me to that site with no redirection

eg: = =

Should be the same for other countries.
Thank you

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For me the problem remains... even if I put the ncr behind. It says it is on, but the language is not English and not the language of the country.
super sir
Solved! Finally
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After hundreds of searchs, you fix it ! Thanks

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In Chrome under Options (the wrench) go to Default Search -> Manage

In the new window fill in the boxes as follows:

Name: Google.XX
Keyword: Google.XX
** where XX is the specified country, in my case I used .ca for Canada
Type it will redirect you to your english google web site
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i have the same problem with the, I am also in china and I am frustrated with all my searches coming up in chinese
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i too am annoyed that all my results are coming up in Chinese, even with vpn on
what about
I did the following with Firefox and worked from three different countries:

1- Set Firefox's Home Page to

For example, Tools --- > Options --- > in the Home Page blank paste (

2- In the top right corner of Firefox where the different search engines bar, click on the little down arrow, then choose Manage Search Engines. It will open up for you a new window. At the bottom of this window, click on "Get more search engines".

It will open for you a add-ons page, write in the search box "google" to narrow the adds-on. then scroll down to an add-on called "English language-specific Google search". Click on Download now and your are done !

PERFECT " I meant to put it in upper case" as I was really really annoyed by this for the last 5-6 days...

Bandar suggestion was the ONLY solution to the problems most of us face..
regarding Google redirecting to a country specific home page.

Thank you so very much...Brilliant..

> Hani J.
There is a way and I just solved this issue,

go to your hosts file in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

open the file with administrator's privileges

and add the following entry at the end of the file and Save it. (xx your extension according to your country)

one done, try with IE, it will always open the English website.

Thank you Jerald, that works for me.

David L.
Worked perfect, thanks!
Add the Google Search provider that links incorrectly for me it was Netherlands then go here.
Follow the instruction in the orange box and click install... when it pops up it will ask if you want to make the provider your default check the box and click replace.
This will modify the url the provider is using but maintain the ability for it to guess your search.

Hope it helps
Use where ncr equals "no country redirect"
Hi, I tried this and this worked on OPERA 10.1.

Click "Tools" Tab
Select "Preference"
Click "Search" Tab
Remove "Google" from the list
Add "Google" from the list
Click "Details"
Copy and Paste this:

Close the screen

Just trry to search using Top Right Panel using "Google"

Let me know if this work of not on your system.


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1) Magnifying glass drop-down; 2nd-to-last option (add providers); top, right-hand side change the website's language to Engilsh/Spanish/whatever; add google/yahoo/whatever, and it will be in your language.
2) Magnifying glass drop-down; last option; right-click desired, first option; right-click undesired, press m.
I think I can solve this problem for at least the default search in Internet Explorer 8.

On the search field in Internet Explorer click on Manage Search Providers and delete all names of google. If you havent added more than google then you should at least one more temporarily that is by clicking on Finding more providers and choose for instance Yahoo Search and set it as default and then you can delete Google.

Ok now in find more search providers page there is a link which is Create Your Own Provider

By clicking on it you see three fields which is URL, name and encoding.

In URL enter

and name it like Google English

Keep Character Encoding as whatever appears and save it....

This fixes my problem and now whenever I search on google from Internet Explorer I dont see the dreaded language pages and search in English and it doesnt display anything else.

If you screw up or it doesnt work simply add Google from more search providers and set as default and delete this one you made and you can go back to how it was before.

I hope this helps.

I use Linux , I'm in the US on a US server and everything has worked fine for the past year until I installed Google Chrome. Uhm... IE. it's Google Chrome's fault. it redirects me to which is really weird... all of my settings are set to english, my region is set to US, my google preferences are set to english. It is really puzzling that it would redirect my to

With all that said, fixed my problem.
use this as your homepage

and for the search bar get an (in English) add-on
set your homepage as below.

it works for me. hope it helps.


I'm using google chrome on an apple imac.

there's a spanner symbol at the top right hand side of the toolbar in google chrome called "Customize and control google chrome".

Select this and choose "Preferences"

Set the "On startup" preference to "Open the homepage"

Set the "Homepage" preference to "Open this page:" and copy the following into the box:

Why the "search engineers" at google believe there are only locals living in each country, i.e. there wouldn't be people who are INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS is beyond me...surely a quick brainstorming session would throw that up in 2 minutes?
I'm in Canada, but need to use because I check the position of my website there.
I changed my home page in Internet Options to
Clidk on Apply and OK.
Now I load instead of All my searches are on