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I have a new laptop bought on the USA but I am living in Spain at the moment. When I type to use google to perform a search, it automatically changes to That happened to me in other computers so I know that if I click " in English" it goes to But with my laptop it immediately goes back to and if I perform a search, it gives the results in spanish first. Searching for pictures or news is even more painful. Could anybody tell me how to change the settings so I can use instead of

Thanks in advance.

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I use Windows® and Internet Explorer 8.

I usually get redirected to

However, typing "/ncr" (no country redirect) after the address takes me to that site with no redirection

eg: = =

Should be the same for other countries.
Thanks for the /ncr thing , it works. I didnt really have major issues but was still wondering how to go to the .com instead of (India). Also , I noticed that below the search bar , it says "Go to" lol...I just saw it right now..

Thanks :D
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The solution: Instead use: