Altec Lansing 5.1 subwoofer is not working

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I have a Altec Lansing 5.1 and creative sound blaster soundcard but the subwoofer is not working when I set it to 5.1 but the 5 speakers are working but in 2.1 set up the subwoofer is working with the 2 front speakers

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Struggled with this, too. Found out I needed to drop the Advanced settings available for 16/24-bit and max Mhz. Just play a song and start dropping the setting until the subwoofer comes on.
Dear readers, I also have an altec lansing 5.1 setup which caused me headaches. It is true that while running 5.1 speakers on stereo content not all of the speakers aer used, this is normal. on films and games there is support for these. My motherboards on board sound chip, basic realtek affair, has options to use dolby style surround to force 5.1 usage in all scenarios. However whilst using this I needed to use the bass amp function and turn the speaker subwoofer up a great deal after changing the settings. I cant explain why it just needed it. Finally I have found that even tho I have 5.1 sound WITH BASS, I have to have my rear speakers in front, and my front speakers to the side, in order for windows to play the test properly, otherwise games are very unusual. I believe you may have to swap bass and centre channels if you think it sounds wrong. In short, love the speakers, took far too much effort to make them work right. Hope this helps someone.
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hi there,

check the connection jacks

test with with a dvd or music player

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I tried this option and play a 5.1 source but still not working pls. help

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Same here...

I worked on mine all day today. It will work with a simple/basic speaker, but the 5.1 speakers do not work. Dell support finally said that I needed to contact Altec Lansing for product support.

I need help too... any other suggestions?
I've been having the same problem the past few days.... no answer yet. This must be a product wide problem? Was it a Windows Update that caused it?
we have the same prob. I upgraded my OS to windows7 today, but my subwoofer of 5.1 channel Altec lansing VS3251 model won't work in music only even in winamp/winmediaplayer. but it works in movies played with VLC media player. pls HELP!
nwforester, you saved my life! I've been fighting with this same problem all day. After wading through a dozen useless suggestions, yours actually worked. Many thanks!