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I have sony vaio VGN-FJ3S. I bought from UK. I format my laptop and after that I am not able to get proper driver of Audio and Video. I try ti get it from sony site but it's not work.

So, Please help mr out.

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Download the latest drivers from the sony vaio site, see
Thank you

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Hi ,

I always search for my drivers on that site ,

Try it and let me know
Where can I get VAIO VGN-CS21S/R drivers
I bought a sony vsio notebook VGN-C13G/b. I bought it fairly use. Its operating system was vista before I formatted and returned it to windows xp. but after I have not been able to get drivers for audio and video, what do I do?
I bought a sony vsio notebook PCG-FR720. I bought it fairly use. Its operating system was xp before I formatted and returned it to windows xp2. but after I have not been able to get drivers for audio and video, what do I do?
for your sound....

you say you formatted the computer and I think you did it with a windows xp cd!!and when you try to install drivers this problem has come..i know cause this happened to me before..first question is:did you create your own recovery kit ?to do tihs go start-programs-vaio recovery tool.this will create recovery and drivers dvds.but I hope you didn't format the disk using fdisk!!!if you did this mean you erased hidden recovery part on your disk..

do you have recovery kit ?if you have it remove sound driver and restart pc..and in the dvd there is a folder named hotfix!!install everything in it..and than pc will recognize your sound card..
I have a problem with my sony vgn-cs110e/r notebook. its audio drivers are not working. as you said where can I fiind vaio recovery. after downgrading from vista to XP I could not find vaio recovery option..
Please help me..

what is the hotfix
if you looked in you may want to know I think I saw your driver in the canada section.
Again I said I THINK I SAW IT. don't whine if it isn't there... *growls to himself*
Be sure to update your vaio with Windows Service Packs.
My vaio sound would not work until I installed the service packs 2 and 3. After that the audio drivers I got from the Sony website ( worked fine.

Good luck.
hello.i have noutbooq sony vaio ns31m/s.and I now driver.pleaz halp me and give me driver vaio ns31m/s.pleaz.fanq you
hello.i have noutbooq sony vaio ns31m/s.and I now driver.pleaz halp me and give me driver vaio ns31m/s.pleaz.fanq you
hi I bought my sony vaio notbook PCG-8y1l on sep.2007 from Chicago ,but still I hav many problms here, internet connecting is not working,i dont know wat happen,plz. send me its all drivers (if possible) lot of thanx
I have a sony vaio pcg 8y1l and I got everything to work fine but my webcam only works on skype and I cannot use it with windows movie maker because the capture new vido tab isn't there as if my camera isnt installed
I have got a Sony Viao VGN-CR42S .
I have formatted the entire system so I lost the restore partition and the wrost thing is that the restore disk is not working ? I have installed the XP Operating system but non of the drivers detected .:(
Can anyone got Drivers for Windows XP for Sony Viao VGN-CR42S .
This message found at, and written by blaze4fun REALLY helped me a lot. I did exactly as he said (changed the final part to be my Vaio's series #, and I was taken into Sony's site! Yours would be I wished to thank blaze4fun, but couldn't register a post, so am doing just as he did and passing on the information!

From blaze4fun:

I found a way to get the Sony Vaio drivers. Going to the Sony site and putting in the model number resulted in a page where you could purchase the recovery CD, which as one person put it, is RUBBISH!!

However, using a link like this resulted in all the drivers being available for download:

replace mdl= data with your model number.

I hope this helps someone! I needed the drivers and didn't want to wait for a CD to be mailed to me. Some post help me find this, so I hope I help someone else.
Hey my touch sensor AV slide control is notworking. Any drivers to solve this problem.


I have a sony vaio laptop of model VGN-CS21S/R. I formatted it mistakely without making recovery discs and used another cd to install the operating system. My biometrics driver ( Upek Fingerprint Sensor driver ) is not installed. I tried to find it but I couldn't. My operating system is Windows Vista home premium. I someone has any suggestions please mail me to

i also have the same pro. not able to install drivers....
sony should give recovery disk and good guide.
did you fix it already???update the driver thats the answer to your problem...i have also VGN-FJ3S. I bought from UK,,now im here in the philippines my lap top working fine
I did the same thing to my PCG-K25 . I cant find a driver for the internal pro duo memory stick anywhere..