Sony Vaio laptop restore factory settings [Solved/Closed]

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I have a sony vaio laptop.I want to set it back to factory settings. I do not have a recovery disk. I am using windows vista. How do I do this ?
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On many Sony models, holding alt + F10 at boot will start the factory restore process

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dude you're a genius worked!!!!thanks man.
This worked for Me as well.
Hello I hv Sony vaio laptop windows 7.its giving problem not working can I fix it plz I need ur help
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confirm it work with sony vaio vgn
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Alt + F10 is working fine to get factory default set up menu in Sony Vaio.
Thanks for your details
Thanks for this comment. My Sony has been down for almost 6 months as I kept trying different things.
My Vaio has been down for 6 months as I have tried endlessly to Restore using the factory discs. The laptop seemed to have a video driver error or Iass.exe issue. Never could get it to jump past startup now at least the machine is trying to restore itself... thanks
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menh... you the genius bro.
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I am using sony vaio windows vista .I want to restore my pc and to make factory setting
I am using sony vaio windows vista . I want to restore my pc to factory condition but it cant do...what to do..
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i have a sony vaio and I want restore it to its original factory settings.. but I dont have a restore disc.. how do I restore it without using a restore date? please help
I was trying all sorts of things too... Alt + F10 worked. only took about 10 mins
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ever vaio has a recovery drive in in which is usualy hidden. to access it go to run & type in compmgmt.msc & tap enter, now a window will appare, in it on the left panel ther will be an opption "Disk Management" click on it, which will show partitions of drives on ur computer on the right panel.........

Now look for an un-named partition & right click on it & chose "Change Drive Letter" opption which opnes a window, now click on "Add" & give it a name by chosing an alphabet. this will make it appare the hidden drive in my computer at once from where u can access it.

to hide it back again just click on remove button where u clicked on add button....
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Alt + F10
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just press F10 n keep rappidly pressing it n it will do it
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Could you tell us what is your model vaio laptop ?
sony vaio VGN-N110G
sam > borichika - Jun 17, 2009 at 01:52 PM
how can I restore my sony vaio vgn-n110g to factory setting
I have a corrupted window file that prevent windows from loading. I have Sony Vaio VGN-FW200 with Vista and I ordered the recovery DVDs. When I put the first disk in and reboot, it reads from the optical disk, but then it goes to the windows and tried to load the files and I get a blank screen. How can I by pass the Hard Drive?
hi my sony vaio PCG-SRX51P/B wont connect to wifi when I try to connect it says the networks not in range I would like to reset to factory settings or if you know of a way I can repair the wifi then pls give me both options and which one u think is the best choice thank you
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Maybe this could help you :
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When I got f10 and then enter it doesn't start the process it takes me back to my windows log in!

Please help
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Not just F 10 but alt + F10 together.