PS3 losing HDMI connection in settings

hosslt1 - Aug 10, 2009 at 12:57 AM
 Jamo - May 9, 2010 at 02:05 AM
I have a ps3 hooked up to a BenQ W500 projector or Samsung LCD HD tv through HDMI. When ps3 is turned on projector will not receive signal unless a game is inserted and being run. During gameplay I press the PS button on the controller and if I enter anything in settings it tells me It will exit the game. Upon exiting the game all HDMI signal is lost. This also happens when I chose any other option besides playing the game that is inserted such as browser, music or video... Please Help!

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I used to work for BenQ in there RMA department so its nice to see you have a W500 lol. Hey so I am having a similiar issue and I think I know what it is because I have tested everything. Pretty sure Sony wants to hide this one too...

I am guessing you have the PS3 slim? Well I do and it seems the HDMI output on the slim is receiving unacceptable amounts of heat which after further inspection and some tear down of the case I found that the connection of the HDMI to the controller board or whatever it is has been damaged due to heat... I use my system for prolonged amounts of time, but it is well ventilated... Damage to the HDMI connection is now causing intermittent but increasingly more frequent failure of the signal.

GG sony, I am RMA'in this and can't wait til this one hits the fan :(