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Jericho - Sep 5, 2009 at 08:13 PM
 Jericho - Sep 5, 2009 at 08:14 PM
Hello, if you can help plz email me,
I've been trying to fix my laptop that earier in the week crashed and stayed locked on 800 by 600 pixels and at 4 bits of colour, but when I try to change these settign the system crashes, I went and cleaned my HDD Drivers and temporarly disabled my ATI Omege drivers (I'm using a ATI Mobility Radeon X1400) the previous problem was fixed and was running on VGAsave for atleast 4 days and then I decided to try and re-enable the Video Adapter because it wouldn't run any 3d related programs (movies on full screen was slow, videos of the simplest degree was completely offlimits), I went through the control panel systems and reneabled the hardware, tried to update it, to make matters worst Total security (a scam like sypware pretending to be a anti-spyware program) is annoying the hell outta me and slows everything to inertia. My while trying to find drivers my Computer unexpectely crashed again with the Windows is shuting down to prevent damage blue screen. I shut the laptop down and tried again.
now when I try to start up, the computer already is weird and goes to the american popular interprises start up screen my 2 options are to F1 load default value sand start up F2 to setup, both do the same thing, when I press either one it ask to give a password, the password is not mine.... I just hit enter 3 times and F2 and it procedes, it loads for a wee while and then it all goes blank, in the logon screen I can't see anything but I can still type and hear, any help to fix this problem is aprecieted!

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