Speakers Aren't Working .. Haha..

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Saturday September 5, 2009
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September 5, 2009
 immi -
Um, hi.

Recently my cousin gave me his Sony Vaio desktop computer.
It has Realtek HD Audio.
He sold his old HD flatscreen monitor that came with it, so I am now using a Compaq Presario monitor from like 1995 that has JBL Pro mounted speakers. The monitor works correctly, though the speakers seem to not respond.
What I think it is, is the fact that these speakers are in no way HD speakers, they aren't working with the sound card or driver that is installed on my computer.

Before you ask me all these tech questions, beware I am new to the world of computer hardware, so I may not understand haha.

Thanks for the help, please give me any advice you can.

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Wednesday May 13, 2009
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September 6, 2009
hi there,

does the sound work if plugged in

a headphone or external speaker?

the screen which has the speaker does produce sound

if connected to an mp3 player or any other device?

please provide these information

Thank you

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Hi dude..................

Listen i got the same problem and when i connect it with my cell phone the moniter speakers work just fine.

MY sound was on but one day i logged off and i logged on in about 45 minutes and there was no sound.

So if u could help me i will be thankful.

Thanks in advance.
Reply to this one please.