Can 2 iPod users share 1 iTunes account?

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I am wondering if there is possiblility for one PC with two iPods users with different iTunes libraries?
Here goes a case:
I have an itunes account (for my ipod touch) and I've just bought my son an ipod touch so we are using the same computer. At the moment itunes syncs his ipod touch as if it is mine, my songs history etc. How do I sort it out so she has he could own ipod profile separated from mine since we have different music flavour?
Any idea?

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Hold down SHIFT while clicking on the iTunes button (to load the program). This will then bring up a box asking if you would like to 'Create iTunes' or 'Choose iTunes' .... click 'Create iTunes' and then name your sons iTunes and whne ever you want to go back onto your iTunes account click SHIFT while opening iTunes and then choose iTunes account to your's. Simple
It didn't work for me.
It just highlighted all the desktop icons.
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Dear Sir,

To do this, you just have to create a new windows account!

Go in Control Panel and open User Account to create a new Account

Then create a new library on the second account

Use sharepod to drag and drop songs pic iPod iPhone everyhing is supported say good bye to annoying iTunes no need to delete anything from pc or iPhone
This method above works, but you can do it without making a seperate windows account. Just make a playlist for each of you and fill it with all the music you want from your library. Then under sync settings, choose to sync that playlist.

For example, say your names are Bob and John. You would have Bob's iPod with Bob's Playlist and John's iPod with John's Playlist. Hope this makes sense :-)
This may be fine for sharing music. But despite the laborious Google search I've undertaken, including searching Apple's own support site, I have yet to find a satisfactory answer on how to share apps from the app store between my iPhone, iPod Touch and one computer -- my MacBook.

To make matters worse, I cannot even download the app to my iPod while it's connected to the same computer because the iPhone library appears to be the "master" library.

If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
Where do I find Sync settings please

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I forget my passcode in my ipod touch but I just bought my new PC.
When his ipod appears on your itunes simple click on it and at the bottom click 2 manually sort" meaning he can drag and drop the songs he wants and choose the apps he wants. Other than that there's nothing else you can do