3rd Generation 8 gb. nano-no display

starmate5 - Sep 18, 2009 at 08:20 AM
 starmate5 - Sep 18, 2009 at 10:12 AM
I have a 3rd gen. iPod nano who my daughter left in her pocketbook over this summer and a water bottle spilled on it. I told her to give it to me, put it in a bag of brown rice for two days and, lo and behold, it turned on. That day I took it out of the rice, I plugged it in to see if she lost anything and it said it needed to update. That was when we lost the iPod. I was told it needed to be restored; however, it went around in circles with the restoring process and every time it rebooted, it would go back to the same screen saying it needed to be restored. I tried EVERYTHING and no light on the screen and no recognition in iTunes, although you could see the connection by the popup window saying it needed restoring. It just didn't show on the left side as a device, nor show up in My Computer.

I finally took it apart and just wiped under the battery. It was a battle, though, to get the back cover off and I may have ruined something. It did light up before. However, after charging it overnight, I got it to restore it finally (the procedure worked), the iPod showed up in iTunes again, I was able to transfer music to it but...I cannot use the scroll wheel to increase the volume AND the most important thing is, there is no light on the screen. I tried the old trick of holding the menu and play buttons to reset it but no good. iTunes also said I'm up to date with the software, no current updates available.

What could I have done to the iPod to make the screen no longer function? Didn't think I destroyed anything but the look of the back casing, which I haven't even put back on yet. She was having trouble with the scroll wheel on and off before this, so that may not be at all involved in what transpired. But when I took it out of the bag of rice and turned it on, the display worked. No longer.

I would welcome anyone's suggestions or ideas on this one. I'm stumped. It is long out of warranty and doesn't really pay to repair if I can't do it myself.

Thank you very much.

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Sep 18, 2009 at 09:29 AM
Hello there,

The electronics inside got damaged!

You will have to get this repaired by a qualified technician

What makes you say that? Was it something I said??? :(