Power problem in Windows Vista in Toshiba A-2 [Closed]

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I have Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop with Windows Vista Business operating system. Its about one and half years old. Off late I am encountering a problem while booting and also after booting. If I connect the AC adapter to the laptop and try to boot then it gets hanged during booting (at some stage, non-specific). But it gets booted without any problem when I run on battery. Similarly, if I connect my adapter after it gets booted thru battery power then also it hangs most of the time. I have selected Power Saver mode in the power plan. If I choose any other mode like Balanced or High Performance., then Windows doesnt boot up or shuts down on its own. Please help. Its difficult for me to do the complete system recovery as I have many programs installed.

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Dear Sir,

You are perhaps having problems due to your hard disk being overloaded.

You should uninstall unused programs.

Yet the source of could be some hardware problem.

I would hence advise your to get it to a computer technician.

Thank you.

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