Trouble loading Facebook, nothing else.

susankwnq - Oct 14, 2009 at 06:32 PM
 Blocked Profile - Oct 16, 2009 at 11:10 PM
Hi, I've been having so many problems with loading Facebook yesterday and today. I was first using Internet Explorer and then it happened. I then downloaded Mozilla Firefox and used it for about 45 minutes and then it happened again. I RELOADED Firefox and it worked for about 5 minutes then gave me the jumbled page that looks like this:

�������tTێ�0}�+�A"N��l���" �67�t�� [�����_�� ]��[�RϨ�F��W����Oma��euW��H�4e+i ��ɥ�9�6�+�J ']m4�A�Y�/_�K�MWa�K��l�_4�k+����5����_$�����f�5�j���'@#�Z�V}- �\���˺�����xR� ]Zhn��L�.��&��p�����|T�c� �x��F���? ����R�}F���"r�}X7���8��)B0C�f�<��v�9��1c0�j��V���O?� |��l��/�ƞ�(Kc�X?tE���+.|U�6�K*�Q�q�`q��;V3.�HS�L��ʦx�L`= �Zc���rA\��וa� Ţk ik��g'��; ��T�<�s���B����t ʫ��*�in�0����+�B��cN� S �BP8�h�Q���GJxJV��Y�~HB�-��D���Z�x�w�V.��(:� �C�R�s��3�� ���)�xf��j�7`�҂d���y�� �+�Y��[>��[��k��� �{�?�����

I can still access it from a friends computer and from my own computer if I use AOL. Is this a virus? What's up? Anyone know? My Virus and Spyware program doesn't find anything. I've run numerous scans.

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Blocked Profile
Oct 16, 2009 at 11:10 PM
Dear Sir,

You should contact Facebook Support Team in order

to get more information about the problem that you

are having.