Booting problem

Kochumon - Oct 25, 2009 at 11:15 PM
 Blocked Profile - Oct 26, 2009 at 02:25 AM
Yesterday when I switched on my I heard a spark sound then it diplays as below
" We apologize for inconvenience,but windows didnot start successfully.A recent hardwere or softwere change might have caused this.
next paragraph: If your computer stopped responding,restarted unexpectedly,or was automatically shutdown to protect your files & folders,choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recentsettings that worked.
next para:If a previous starup attempt was interruoted due to a power failure or because the power or Reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure what caused the problem, choose Start windows nomally.
Safe Mode
Safe mode with networking
Safe Mode With Command Prompt

Last Known Good Configuration(your most recentsetting that worked)

Start Windows Normally

Use the up & down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice(which are in italics)
Seconds until windows starts:(count downs)"
When I press Enter key : It displays
ASUS at top left corner of monitor
P5SD2-VM at the centre of the monitor
& alkl these display only for few seconds

Please Help to solve my problem

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Blocked Profile
Oct 26, 2009 at 02:25 AM
Dear Sir,

This is a clear indication that it is a hardware problem, you will have to send the PC for repair

at a competent computer technician and hence solve your problem.

Thank you.