I dont have a windows live messenger desktop [Solved/Closed]

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please help me!!

its kinda weird cause i install the windows live messenger but the desktop icon is not installed..in short i don't have it on my computer desktop also in my "start" menu...

what should i do??? i really need it,so i don't have to look for it or whatever...

thank you in advance...
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Thank you
Check here:

C:/Program Files/Windows Live/Messenger

right click the one with the Windows Live icon called "msnmsgr" (it's a .exe, but most likely that won't show) and say "send to desktop".

hope that helps.

Thank you, Byrd910 38

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Byrd910 was very helpful. I followed instructions and now I have the icon on my desktop.
Thanks soo much...I have been trying 'forever' to create the shortcut...and there it was with your suggestion... :-))
I've been trying to fix this forever! Thanks Byrd910!!!
yes i found it ..sent it desktop but when clicked it .....it didnt work
Thank you
how could i fist my messenger please help me
Thank you
that helped thanks=] xxxx
Thank you
how do i delete windows live messenger it is not in my control panel or any sections of my computer
assassins creed the best one - Aug 11, 2008 at 04:02 PM
Thank you
hey man why dont you download it for free it s software error for sure of whatever
Thank you
Byrd30 thank you it helped allot
That worked!! Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
ta was very big help
Thank you
i think you should not use messenger you winny baby your not stupid so get it to work
OMG thank you dude that helped. It worked so good and now i can actaully go on msn now. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
Thank you
thank you very much!!!
Thanks very much, this helped me so much. I entered it in the document and i just dragged and dropped it from there to my Desktop & renamed it from shortcut to Windows Live.

I was getting really worried about this, and now it's fine. I hope everyone was as helpful as you, and thanks again for the computer help

Best Regards: Redex

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thanks so clear got it in secs