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Could you please tell how to install Mac Leopard In my New Western Digital Hard disk. I formatted my entire hard disk so as to install the system but when it comes to * Select the Destination * , I can't select anything because nothing can be selected. So, why my hard disk (a new one) is not detectable? why is it not listed in * Select The Destination * window ? Please Help , I 'm really frustrated.

Thanks in advance.

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I had a similar problem...Macbook Pro 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, went balls to the wall and replaced hard drive with new Western Digital 500gb hard drive. Tried to boot up from the install disk and it wouldn't recognize the drive, nor give me formatting options at all.

When I opened Disk Utilities (in the upper left hand side of the screen when booting Leopard disk), I was able to see that I had indeed installed the drive but, as I already mentioned, no formatting options were clickable. The only clickable thing was "Erase" which didn't make sense to me because it was a new disk and erasing it would do no good. But after fiddling for awhile I decided to bite the bullet (there was no mention of clicking "Erase" as a viable solution to my problem in any of the forums/blogs/support pages that I could find).

I clicked "Erase" and lo and behold, the new hard drive was being formatted right before my eyes. After just a few seconds I was able to restart the computer, I held the option key to boot from disk and voila! I installed OS X Leopard on my new hard drive and am happily typing this for all those who have a similar problem. Just click "Erase" in the Disk Utility when you have the hard drive highlighted. That solved it for me!
Thank you

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Hey tabachoy,
I can't thank you enough. I was surfing the web trying to find an answer to my problem and BAM, I came across this thread. I can't believe my problem was as simple as that. You are a life saver. Thanks for helping out.
Thanks a million for that. I had identical circumstances and almost panicked when no derive showed up, but after following your steps, it worked perfectly!
awesome and accurate! MAKE SURE you RESTART after you "Erase" the drive in Disk Utility. I did not initially, and I got a verification error, which did not repeat after a restart
Thank you! Your advice has held up well - I just followed your solution today to rebuild my Mac.
Thanks for the help!!!!!

Here is Apple's URL about the problem:
I recently had the same issue; not being able to see my hard drive when in Disk Utility. This happened after I erased my hard drive.

The fix has happened more than once, so chance may not be the factor. I simply kept shutting down the computer (thru force shut down by holding the power button), then restarting it. After a few times, the computer would register seeing my hard drive.
oh my gosh! It worked! thanks a lot. I wish the genius bar would have told me all this.
I am also having this problem. I'm running disc utility off of a brand new Leopard install disc, and the internal HD will not show up in D.U.

It did show up once, and I repaired permissions on the disc, which came back OK. When I tried to get Leo to install, it sat there for about 5-10 minutes, and then said "Install failed". I reboot, and again the problem with no HD showing up whatsoever.

Is there a terminal command to force the installer to see the internal HD? I've never used terminal before, but at this point I'm willing to try anything.

having the same prob Choose D.U. Then clicked on Hard Disk and no format options appeared only First Aid Erase Partition Read and Restore.
In First Aid tab I clicked further down on Verify After it said it had completed verifying I clicked repair at bottom of screen. Can you advise what to do next

> Pughie
hello guys! when i'm trying to install mac os x jas 10.5.4 on my amd pc,i is restarted.i mean when I try to boot with my dvd I take some time, and then it was restarted.what is the problem.plz help me.as soon as possible.



2 GB RAM (DDR 2)


Does it just restart by itself?
you need to format the disk using Disk Utility, and the you'll be able to install

I have that problem too. hmmmmm....try restarting it or looking around the internet I'm going to do that.
How did you resolve this? Having the same problem with a macbook. Were you installing onto a mac or a pc?
> jigme
My son had a new hard drive installed on this MAC Pro. The folks that did the install did a data transfer and everything is working fine. It boots up with no problem and shows up on the desktop. However when using the Leopard installer to try and do a reinstall of the OS it does not see the hard drive. The utility function of the installer disk does not see the hard drive. It does recognize his USB disk that he has connected but not the Main drive. The drive is formatted as Macintosh Journaled. Right now he can't do a reinstall until the installed recognizes the drive. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> mannyde
I ran into the exact same problem this weekend. The drive was formatted to PC. Leopard would not allow me to install the OS on it. It needed to be a GUID partition.. what ever that is. What I had to do is change the 1 partition to 2 then I deleted them. When I made a new partition I selected to make it a GUID partition. Then things worked like they should.
REMEMBER: Deleting the partitions will wipe any information on the drive.
Hope it helps
> Midwest Surf guy
kill the system and thro it out from the house
Thanks for the help. That worked like a charm!
> jigme
hello,pls I saw yur reply to an issue smone had with formatting mabook.i have a semilar problem but my laptop is macbook aluminium,2 ghz inter core 2 duo,2 gb 1067 mhz ddr3.it came with 160gb hard drive but an engineer successfully change it for me to 320gb and everything is working perfectly.but now in school as an upcoming graghic artist most of my software couldn't work on mac os like:front page,paint shop and photoshop 7,i need to re format bcos boot camp cant partition equally for me to install windows.when I fellow yur instruction and insert my leapard dvd and hold down ‘c’ key and turn computer on nothing happen sometimes I wait for hour yet the pc keep blinking on plain white page.pls help me.
1) insert Leopard DVD
2) turn off computer
3) hold down 'C' key and turn computer back on
4) wait until you see the Apple logo, then let go the 'C' key
5) wait some more!
I am having the exact problem as you did guys. I put the new hd (western digital 320gb) then reboot on osX installation DVD, when the moment comes to install I cant select the hd.. there is nothing to select. Have used the disk utility to format the hd, ive erased it too, partitioned it as well, made sure it's formatted in GUID, ive tried installing it as internal hd as well as external with a usb hd case.. absolutely nothing works. I've noticed that I CAN see the harddrive if I ask to see the specifications of the computer. I can see it's there, model, size, free storage etc. I have noticed also that in disk utility it says that the hd is NOT S.M.A.R.T enable.. whereas the original and fully working fujitsu IS SMART enable. What is that? How can I change that on the Western Digital. Im frustrated, I bough this bigger HD in january used it til now that I tried to install Snow leopard, I was only able to install SL on the original hd that came with the mbp and currently not using the big hd. the small hd is packed already!! So sad ! :(
Thanks guys this info really helped me out :)))