Synaptics touchpadV6.3 leftclick not working

jeremyjust8250 - Aug 13, 2008 at 06:40 PM
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On my HP Pavilion dv6000 with Vista, my Synaptics touch pad V6.3 left click is not working properly. It was fine yesterday but today when I try to use, it will highlight everything or try to drag the link with it. Almost as is it has a mind of its own and someone is holding down the shift key and clicking. I tried a system restore back to yesterday just in case I downloaded an update or accidentally changed the settings but the touch pad still has the problem. I also tried the double tap method on the touch pad itself with only about a 75% success rate. I then went into the control panel and then mouse and changed the settings to a left handed so that I could at least navigate around to find some help. When using the right click as my primary I have not had any problems and I can even use the left click sometimes. Since this left click and after switching the hand method began today, I have also had my laptop "lock" up several times where I was not able to navigate around but I could crt-alt-del and wait a min until I was able to click on task manager. When I was brought back to normal windows desktop and TM opened, I was able to navigate as if nothing had just happened. Can anybody please this a settings issue, a touch pad issue or something entirely different? Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Thanks

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This just happened on my HP2730P. I always used the click on the touchpad, plus used the right click button at the bottom. Yesterday it just decided to stop working and went started doing the selecting and dragging while I was moving the mouse around and my left click stopped working. Obviously my enable tap click was already on cuz I used it all the time.

My solution was disabling the buttons under the "buttons" tab. Then my mousepad tap started working again, I regained function in the scrollbar on the mousepad again, and if I need to right click I can use the point stick buttons right above the pad.
Thanks! This is the solution that worked properly for me on the first time. The two sets of buttons, one above the touchpad are obvious and nice and the one below the touchpad is sleek and cool but less obvious nad easy to click. Disabling them per these instructions instantly addresses the problem. If you don't use those buttons already (the metal flat ones) then take this route and wait for synaptics to get their drivers sorted out!
This also worked for me! The problem seemed to occur after a windows update. I plugged in an external mouse and followed your instructions. Thanks for the advice.
Wow!!!!! Thanks for this tip. I've been dealing with this probably for the last 4 or 5 months. By disabling the lower buttons on my HP 2730p, I'm able to keep the mouse pad and mouse pad tap working, and I still have the buttons at the top when I want to use buttons (which these are easier to use anyway). There must be some kind of conflict with the duplicated buttons (which you'd have to admit is strange anyway). HP took the easy way out by adding a touchpad after the fact and not bothering to combine the four buttons, so you have four on your laptop instead of two.

I've reinstalled XP and Vista on this tablet, and the proiblem usually happens after an windows update and the problem appears on both XP and vista. I went even as far as installing linux on this because the mousepad was driving me crazy!!

This last time when I installed XP I purposefully didn't do any windows updates and my laptop buttons worked flawlessly for about a month until they started acting up again. This solution solved it -- just disable the lower buttons, which you do in the advanced settings (right click on the synaptics icon on your tray, go to pointing device properties. Next go to device settings, then click settings on the touchpad (not the touchstyk), go down to buttons, and uncheck where it says enable buttons.

Thanks again!!

THANKS TIM!!! this totally worked!
I don't know about all the reinstalling and uninstalling and replacing and all that but I had a similar problem with my Synaptics touchpad. I could tap the pad to select or click or anything, I could just move the pointer and had to use my physical buttons to select or click anything. After reading this forum and updating my drive nothing worked, I even went and followed the advice of one person who wrote "Go to your mouse settings in the control panel, you should have a "Device Settings" page <with a sinaptics logo on it>
Click "Settings" for the "Synaptics TouchPad" and there you have "Clicks" and press the "Enable Clicking".
That wasn't an option for me, I couldn't find that anywhere in my Synaptics properties. Then I noticed my Synaptics icon on my tool bar in the lower right corner and I just put my cursor over the icon and right clicked on it and aa menu popped and one option (drumroll here) TAP TO CLICK was available, I selected it and problem solved. Hope this helps someone! Happy clicking!
Wonderful, its worked for me as well,

Thanks a lot

The 'click' Comes in the form of 'Tap"

thus "enable Tap"

I got confuse to...but english
You have no idea how thankful I am. Thank you thank you thank you!
t helped me and now my touchpad is working.........Thankx a lot!!!!!!!!!!
hey thanks buddy... your advice helped me alot to solve my problem
Hi all,

I had this problem with my laptop as well but I fixed it today

I blew an air compressor inbetween the buttons to clean out the dust/dirt under the buttons. It worked a charm! Hope this helps you!
I had a similar issue on a Dell Latitude E6400 at work -- a few minutes after logging on the left click on my touchpad either wouldn't work or sometimes operated like a right-click. Occasionally this also affected my external mouse, though most of the time the external mouse was fine.

After I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the touchpad driver, my IS department replaced the motherboard, then the touchpad, then decided the harddrive needed to be re-imaged. Before letting them take the easy way out, I discovered that uninstalling all "USB Root Hub" drivers from Device Manager solved the problem.
How do I get to Device Manager to uninstall the USB Root Hubs? I'm having the same problem, and nothing else has worked.
steve > Frustrated
Jul 13, 2009 at 11:29 PM
Bizarre, but uninstalling the root hubs solved the problem for me.

As for how, get to device manager via control panel, find the root hubs, click over to the driver tab in the properties and uninstall them. doesn't require a reboot and seem to be able to reinstall them afterward. If I had to guess, I'd say this is a 64-bit OS incompatibility issue of some sort. Myself, I'm running windows 7, not Vista.

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I have a similiar problem but with the right button. Have you found a solution?
hey I have the same one problem have u find the soln ?
rcjohnsonpe > sugat
Oct 8, 2008 at 03:57 PM
no, not yet.
I have this problem with the left click button on my Gateway NV52. Now that I read this description, I realize that this week the damn thing kept dragging images and whatever around the screen when all I wanted was to click on them once. I didn't even realize they were related. Gateway first made me install a driver update (Synaptics), then do a system restore, then see if the problem happened in Safe Mode (it does), and now they are telling me to do a clean install of Windows 7 and wipe everything I have on my computer... I am holding off on that, because I really want a solution (other than having to use this external mouse now).
System: HP computer with Synaptics Touchpad AND Touch Stick; Windows 7

Problem: Buttons wouldn't work (except for on the windows task bar)


Clicked on synaptics icon on lower right.

Scrolled (using the "TAB" and "Arrow" keys) to pointing devices options.

"Tabbed" over to "enable buttons"

Using the "space bar", unclicked this option (so that the buttons were now disabled).

Now I use the touchpad to "Left click" by merely tapping the touchpad

Don't know what I'll do when I want to right click, but I'm happy for now.
I also just had the same problem. My left-click button on my touchpad is now acting as a right-click button (and the right-click still as the right-click). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling new Synaptics drivers several times.

I've tried HP support chat twice, and they were not helpful. I then tried calling HP, but my warranty is up so they want $60 for 3 days of support, but from the tone of the guy on the phone, it sounded like he was not going to be helpful either.

I have a small USB mouse in the meantime, but any suggestions on how I can fix this on my own? I feel like it's something funky with Vista, as the left-click button working fine before and technically still functions, but now as a right-click button.
Aug 13, 2008 at 08:48 PM
Your left mouse button on your touchpad is broken.
My touchpad is not working either. I can use the touchpad to move the pointer around but I can't tap or click with it. Neither of the buttons work either but all of the settings are correct and the notebook says that the device is working properly. Does anyone know what I can do. Is it broken or is it maybe a virus? Please help.
libramartin > MC
Apr 11, 2009 at 06:11 PM
Hi, I had the same problem & after a while the solution is easy.
Go to your mouse settings in the control panel, you should have a "Device Settings" page <with a sinaptics logo on it>
Click "Settings" for the "Synaptics TouchPad" and there you have "Clicks" and press the "Enable Clicking".
Hope it helps, Happy Easter
<it's my free translation so the names can be similar but different>
Himanshu > libramartin
Jun 20, 2009 at 06:31 AM
Thanks buddy. I was unable to figure out this problem on my lappy for months. It just got solved by reading your message. :-)
nonjay > libramartin
Nov 27, 2009 at 01:31 PM
thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Nov 29, 2009 at 02:04 AM
thank you it helps
press both your shift keys down at the same time. that stops your mouse highlighting everything.
Enable buttons check box instantly enables tap to click and scrolling functions if unchecked, but then buttons don't work. If check box is checked right click works, but left click, scrolling and tap to click don't.
It is NOT hardware problem. Left button works if its function is changed.

This problem started suddenly on Vista 32bit. I installed fresh copy of Windows 7 64bit and problem is still here! (Acer Aspire 7720g)

So ALL the buttons and functions works, but not at the same time.
yeah, my left mouse button won't work either but that's because it's broken. in order to fix it, u need to buy and install a new synaptics touchpad, I just can't figure out if that means individual buttons, or if the whole touchpad is connected somehow . it's really hard to get to the mouse when ur taking the laptop apart so i'm a bit scared to try it w/o watching a tutorial first so if anyone has, and can post up, it'd be much appreciated thanks!
also, does anyone know where to buy spare mouse parts?? (as in the synaptic touchpad)
I don't know, if anyone still has this issue, but I have some comments: this definitelly IS a hardware issue. Harddrive under touchpad heats it up and then false right clicks occur. My solution to avoid this: most of the time I use external mouse. I can also use touchpad with some adjustments: I have dissabled buttons on synaptics touchpad and enabled only tapping. This way I have left click working, bud no right click. Since I am Autohotkey user, I have this macro:

LWin & LButton::
SendInput, {RButton}

which allows me to emulate right click by holding left win-key when left-clicking.
Yea, same problem here with my dads gateway vista PS/2 touchpad you can reinstall the driver, go to start, type recovery in the search box, select gateway recovery management, select reinstall drivers or applications, on contents tab locate synaptics driver and click on the install icon. Worked mint for a few days but real problem is touchpad is worn and needs replaced. problem came back with a vengence! My free fix was to select (stop web page from loading) in settings tab for the right button, now left button works fine, if I need to right click just highlight it 1 click with the left button and press the context-menu button 2nd keypad button right side of space bar. Hope this saves somebody some frustration and or a buck or 2.
I made to reproduce the same error/problem by uninstalling/installing the .net framework 1.1. Once it is installed it will try at some point to install the KB929729 security update and then the left click will stop working. I have a HP elitebook 2730p bought one week ago!
My 2730p also had the left click just stop working. External mice work fine. I called HP tech support: I've got business support. Reinstalled BIOS and the touchpad driver, but that doesn't work. However, when I hit F10 while booting up, I get to the BIOS menu. In that menu, I can left click just fine. So it's not hardware.

They said I had to reinstall XP. I am so loathe to do that. I want to get this thing working. It is so damned frustrting having to travel with an external mouse.

So here is a solution that worked for me.

In the control panel under mouse, you have two devices: the touch styk and the touch pad. The styk controls the top buttons, and the touchpad controls the bottom buttons, under the touchpad.

Go into the touchpad. Make the left click do something else, like jump to the Start menu button.

Then your touch styk buttons should work: the top buttons. I never used the bottom buttons anyway. Make sure that you don't make the touchpad left button be the secondary click, because then your upper right button won't work.

To put it simply, it's the bottom button that is the culprit. Whatever you have teh bottom left set to do (the touchpad not touchstyk left) won't work for either device.

Good Luck. I wasted a ton of time dealing with this nonsense. I wish Synaptics could write better drivers!

chie > George
Jan 2, 2010 at 10:18 PM
hi george!

genius advice! well for me I took the long route, since I need to install my synaptics driver since some good fellas in our office tinkered with my laptop. accidentally removed the synaptics driver I think. anyhow... kudos to ur advce and yeah synaptics should have a better version of drivers!!!
I had today this problem: when clicking the left button of the touchpad, it was acting like the right-click. After several restarts I've discovered the right button just bellow the SPACE button was blocked. After unblocking it, all came back to the defaults.
Maybe this could help someone.
Does it start working when you reboot? If so, try changing the "Touchpad Sensitivity" option :)