Synaptics touchpadV6.3 leftclick not working

jeremyjust8250 - Aug 13, 2008 at 06:40 PM
 Code-man - Jun 13, 2013 at 01:28 PM

On my HP Pavilion dv6000 with Vista, my Synaptics touch pad V6.3 left click is not working properly. It was fine yesterday but today when I try to use, it will highlight everything or try to drag the link with it. Almost as is it has a mind of its own and someone is holding down the shift key and clicking. I tried a system restore back to yesterday just in case I downloaded an update or accidentally changed the settings but the touch pad still has the problem. I also tried the double tap method on the touch pad itself with only about a 75% success rate. I then went into the control panel and then mouse and changed the settings to a left handed so that I could at least navigate around to find some help. When using the right click as my primary I have not had any problems and I can even use the left click sometimes. Since this left click and after switching the hand method began today, I have also had my laptop "lock" up several times where I was not able to navigate around but I could crt-alt-del and wait a min until I was able to click on task manager. When I was brought back to normal windows desktop and TM opened, I was able to navigate as if nothing had just happened. Can anybody please this a settings issue, a touch pad issue or something entirely different? Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Thanks

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This just happened on my HP2730P. I always used the click on the touchpad, plus used the right click button at the bottom. Yesterday it just decided to stop working and went started doing the selecting and dragging while I was moving the mouse around and my left click stopped working. Obviously my enable tap click was already on cuz I used it all the time.

My solution was disabling the buttons under the "buttons" tab. Then my mousepad tap started working again, I regained function in the scrollbar on the mousepad again, and if I need to right click I can use the point stick buttons right above the pad.
Thanks! This is the solution that worked properly for me on the first time. The two sets of buttons, one above the touchpad are obvious and nice and the one below the touchpad is sleek and cool but less obvious nad easy to click. Disabling them per these instructions instantly addresses the problem. If you don't use those buttons already (the metal flat ones) then take this route and wait for synaptics to get their drivers sorted out!
This also worked for me! The problem seemed to occur after a windows update. I plugged in an external mouse and followed your instructions. Thanks for the advice.
Wow!!!!! Thanks for this tip. I've been dealing with this probably for the last 4 or 5 months. By disabling the lower buttons on my HP 2730p, I'm able to keep the mouse pad and mouse pad tap working, and I still have the buttons at the top when I want to use buttons (which these are easier to use anyway). There must be some kind of conflict with the duplicated buttons (which you'd have to admit is strange anyway). HP took the easy way out by adding a touchpad after the fact and not bothering to combine the four buttons, so you have four on your laptop instead of two.

I've reinstalled XP and Vista on this tablet, and the proiblem usually happens after an windows update and the problem appears on both XP and vista. I went even as far as installing linux on this because the mousepad was driving me crazy!!

This last time when I installed XP I purposefully didn't do any windows updates and my laptop buttons worked flawlessly for about a month until they started acting up again. This solution solved it -- just disable the lower buttons, which you do in the advanced settings (right click on the synaptics icon on your tray, go to pointing device properties. Next go to device settings, then click settings on the touchpad (not the touchstyk), go down to buttons, and uncheck where it says enable buttons.

Thanks again!!

THANKS TIM!!! this totally worked!