Touchpad left click button not working [Solved/Closed]

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I can no longer left-click using the touchpad button on my laptop. The actual touchpad works fine, and so does the right click button. I use the touchpad button quite frequently, so this has become very frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried shutting my computer down and removing the battery, and I have also tried removing the powercord. Neither worked.

I have an Asus notebook, Vista 64-bit.

I'm not very computer-savvy, so please keep that in mind when you reply. Thanks!
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Try this 1.

Slightly lift the button at the ends using a pin or anything and blow the

compressed air inside it and also at its sides.

Good Luck.
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Its working thankyou
thank you it really worked in a jiff.Best resolution ever received. Thanks a lot
This worked for me! Thank you! I just pushed down one of the mouse buttons and lifted the edge of the other one with my finger nail. I then did the same to the other one. And hey presto - they now work! That saved a call to IT and probably an hour of lost work. Thanks :)
Oh my god, this simply worked!! After one week with the button broken, it got fixed as simply as that. Thanks a lot!!
I went into the control panel - clicked on mouse and switched to a left hand button. Then I switched it back to a right-hand button and it seems to have resolved for now.

I am in Vista on a Vaio.
Computer Illiterate - Mar 7, 2011 at 02:46 PM
Just worked for me as well. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Hi there,

The key may be damages you mentioned its used frequently in this situation you need to have it replaced or use a usb mouse with it.