IPOD nano has no charge [Closed]

 tftftf -

I have an ipod nano 4th Gen and it works when it's plugged into the computer, but as soon as I take it off the charge, it goes blank and won't turn on. I have tried reseting, restoring and neither have worked.
Do i need to replace the battery.
It is within the 1 year of purchasing it, but I don't think I kept the recipt.
Please help if you can.

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If it is faulty write to Apple and say about it. The most likely option is you'll need to get a new one but someone MIGHT be able to fix it.

Hope this helps
mine is exactly the same. if anyone knows how to fix it without paying plz message me at apollo13@live.ca thanks

Dear Katie,

This is definitely a hardware problem, it might have the screen faulty as well

as the battery, I will hence advise you to send it for repair and have the

matter solved.

Thanks in advance.