Lost volume meter icon on taskbar on Vista [Solved/Closed]

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I was in the middle of a presentation this morning at a conference and hit the "Mute" button on my volume meter and went back to "unmute" and the icon was gone.None of the answers in here has helped. I've spent hours trying to find the volume meter to put back on the taskbar. Please help.

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left click on The taskbar, uncheck Lock the Taskbar, Control panel, Sounds
Thank you

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Perfect! Solved my problem. Thanks so much!
Hi again. Just one thing. You must right click the task bar, not left click.

But the clicking part was easy to figure out. Thanks one more time for helping me solve this issue. Yours has been the best answer on the Internet. It worked!!!
THANKYOU! I had the same problem. worked a treat !
WONDERFUL! It was so easy, too! THANK YOU!
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This is the problem I have now, but I don't understand the answer - I unlocked the taskbar, but what do you do when you open sounds in the control panel? I can change it there but I cannot see how to put it back on the taskbar.
Getting the taskbar to show your volume or battery meter can be done this way. First unplug your power cord from your laptop. Then on a blank area of your desktop page right click you mouse. You will see the Personalization icon at the bottom of the popup. Click that and on the next page look to the bottom left. You will see "SEE ALSO" and underneith is an option called Taskbar and Start Menu. Click that on the next page is an icon on the top called Notification Area. Click that and you will see four boxes that you can choose to click so that it will show on your taskbar. Good luck everyone.

I followed Eggsackley's lead and restarted my computer using complete battery power. The grey boxes were then usable! The little solutions in live...so thankful!
Gees Jundoman, thanks ! It worked a treat. I dont know how but it did and its back on my taskbar with its buddy, the battery icon. Thanks again :)
Eggsackley, thank you, you are a godsend. Jundoman, you pointed in the right direction, but the icon I needed was still greyed out, until I rebooted with power cord unplugged. The icon had vanished in the first place a short time ago when I rebooted (of course, with power cord in), so it was clearly rebooting with power cord out that did the trick. In fact, it restored the icon all by itself. Boy, can Microsoft be absurd in the kinds of nutty things that can sometimes go wrong. Why in tarnation would that icon EVER be taken away, and then grayed out so it cannot be restored??? Go figure.

Hi I've followed all the steps but when I get to the notification page the volume box is ghosted so I can't check this box. Any suggestions?
I continue to learn after 20+ years of amateur computing. Who knew that just unplugging from 120V power and doing a complete shut down and boot up sequence (not just a restart) would return the volume and network icons!?

Thanks for the help. Thank you to you computer experts who use your "powers" for good!
Thank you jundoman. It worked. Thank you so much.
brilliant. Thank you

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