My hp laptop over heats and shuts down [Solved/Closed]

 dana -

I have an hp which about over 1 year old, but after a got on it keeps on over heating and shutting down I have tried many ways to fix this but it doesn't work

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Have you checked the air vent for the processor. if this is clogged with Cr*p it will cause the processor to get to hot and shut down.
Get a can of compressed air (maplins) and give it a blast to clear it out.
Thank you

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I have the same problem with my HP especially while gaming or playing Hi-def movies.
My config:
intel core2 2.5GHz

This works for me most of the time. I keep my laptop elevated from the resting surface (such as a table, etc) by about 2-3 inches by supporting the laptop on a box or book at two ends (Make sure the RAM and fan areas are unblocked by whatever ur resting the laptop on). Also I keep a small table fan on next to the laptop to make sure that there is cool air being blown across the bottom surface of the laptop.
I know this is very abstract way to deal with the issue but it works for me...usually a game/app that would overheat my laptop and cause it to shut in 20 mins or so, no I can run it for upto 3 hours continuous easily with this method.
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Thank you very much GK, great solution.
wow!! great answer ....i have the same problem.
but can sum1 explain why this happens?
This is the second HP laptop I've had and BOTH had overheating problems right from the start. The first one, I had a tech open it up and paint something on the Heat sync. That seemed to solve it. That didn't cost me anything because I worked for a computer repair company. I don't anymore and I don't want to have to pay someone to do something that should be done at manufacturer. I have to set my laptop on a tray filled with ICE to keep it cool. The ice melts really fast and I have to keep refilling it if I want to watch any movies. My icemaker can't even keep up. I HATE HP laptops. Back to Dell for me.

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