Cannot connect to internet- wireless problem

 Purcey7 -

I was recently making some space on my laptop and I must have deleted something that I needed by accident. I cannot connect to the internet but it will sometimes recognize my router. Although, if I put a wireless dongle into my laptop I can connect to the internet. I have tried to download the wireless driver again but nothing happened.

Any help would be great

Thanks, Chris

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hi there,

you may be installing wrong driver

please give the model and series of the machine

will direct you to correct download link

Laptop- Advent 8315
Operating System- Vista Home premium
Network Adapter- Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG
Router- Netgear DG835GT

I tried re-installing the driver from the original disk but it din't work.

When I was cleaning my computer up I remember deleting something called RALink, not sure what it is but might be important.

Is this what you were asking for?

Thanks for your help, Chris!