I can't open the email in my inbox

 tasneem -
A message just been deposited in the concierge.

It covers the following message, posted by sekar the 2009/12/8 at 11:29 :

Here is the problem as it was described :

i can't open the email in my yahoo inbox it open a .when inbox open suddenly disappear i con't see in my inbox how to solve problem ple help me.

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Dear Priya,

Please check whether your email account's inbox can be obtained

on another PC. If it opens up, it will imply that you have a connection

or browser problem on your PC. Otherwise, it will be about the account

itself. It might be that there are too many emails saved on the account

which is causing the trouble. If this is the case, please contact the Yahoo

Mail Support for getting the problem fixed.

Thank you.
why my incoming message are return please help