I can't open my Flash drive. [Solved/Closed]

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I can't open my flash drive. When I inserted it to my computer it would just appear a removable disk and then when I tried to open it tells that there is no disk on the dirve. Can this be fixed? what should I do to open it so that I can Use it again. Hope you can help me with this problem. thanks!

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Did you try to open the flash drive using the address bar ?
I.e if the flash drive is drive H then type H:\
If it opens then the issue is with the OS.
it worked for me but it want open the old way no more what do I do it keep askin me to pick a program
e drive not recognizind cd
before I cleaned up my computor (Microsoft XP) I copy info unto a flash drive then when I wanted to put it back into the computor it would not read it, it said (please insert a disk into drive E) when I check the USB flash drive properties, it shows it all blue meaning used space but o bites? why does it show o bites when it is full, and why can I not open and copy it back to my computor, I sure need that info back in my computor. please help if possibe.
Thank You
Plug it into an Xbox 360 I tried mine on several PC's with no result so I put it in my Xbox and all the files were there again.
Hi I can't my usb it is alway say that un format but I try to format many time need respond
Ok try this... Right clik on your drive then, copy and paste it in your documents...
Once done, Right clik on your DRIVE and format it, once done that copy the files from the documents to your drive.

give right click then explore (Or) give autoplay and try it.....
I have three different flash drives and cannot open any of them. No icon appears, nothing is in my computer and I am panicking! Please help! Thanks ~
You guys are some Jive turkeys! I have followed all of your directions and I still can't get my flash drive to open!!! now what do I do?
If the drive shows up under my computer but won't open when you click on it, it may open if you right click on it and hit Explore. My jump drive won't open when I double click on it right now, but it will let me choose explore and I can see all the files in it.
are you using bitlocker? if so go to control panel and click on bitlocker. then you will see your flash drive. press on unlock and that will do the trick.
what I did is that I checked if my usb if it is trully blank but it has something on the properties but it wont open I just thought it was hiding coz it wont open. I created a new folder in my usb and downloaded files and this time those downloaded files can be open so I can still use my usb. thats it
windows bttn + r --> drive_leter:\ --> enter

for example if it is drive k at run you type k:\ and hit enter
Right click then click on explore, if that don't work then I dont know
No Luck, I did every solution here but nothing.

I'm using Imation Nano Pro 4GB
Just for kicks... If you don't have any data you need, you can reformat the flashdrive and it will make it compatible with your computer.
I had a similar problem where my flash drive would work on another system but not my own. I also had an identical flash drive that DID work on my system so I was stumped.

Through trial and error I discovered that the usb drive was using the same drive letter as a network drive. All I did was go into disk management and change the drive letter and then it worked fine!

Hope this helps
i have a problem with my computer, when I inserted my removable disc the word 'usb not recogni

Just got this very same problem.. and I got it fixed it rly simply. every PC has more than 1 USB drive. So try every. 'Cause I tried 1 with USB stick and 2nd with Bluetooth conector. USB stick didn't work, but connector was ok. then I switched them and BOOOM. Stick worked in drive where connector was and connector worked in drive where Stick didn't. so Try it. I'm not sure if it works, but it might be the solution ;] GL
i can't open my usb flash as it keeps saying the computer can't recognise the usb device, wat should I do?
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if you are having a transend flash drive
go to www.transendusa.com
select the product >flash drive> select >flash online recovery tool> and proceed with your repair
it repaired my pen drive
when I plugged my 8 gb kingston usb 2.0 mass storage into my computer. The computer shows a message thatone of the usb devices attached to this computer has mulfunctioned, and windows doesnot recognized it