Comp turn on, but not windows, no signal

 CAT -
Need urgen help.

My computer is a Vista, recently experiencing a weird problem.
My computer can turn on, but then after it does its beep, there is no signal in my monitor. It ran normally fine before, so im sure it's not the monitor's problem. So, there is just no signal and windows did not start.
Then once a while, I turn off the comptuer and start it again, if I am lucky, I got it to boot into windows. Windows try to fix the problem through system restore, but this problem still presisiting.
I don't know what cause the problem and can't even try the "Last good known condition" or "Safe Mode" thing.

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Dear Cat,

Please check whether the 15 pin monitor cable and the power

supplying cable has well been plugged. Have it confirmed for

having further help.

Thank you.
Hello Ash
I checked the monitor with my laptop, the monitor display fine.
I press the start up key of my desktop, the fan and drive spin up (I can hear the sound), but then 2 seconds later, they shut down. Then for a couple seconds later, it attemps to start again, (so the spin up sound is there), then 2 seconds later, the comp shut down again. The 3rd time it attemps to start, this time the beep sound happen, the light appears blue. Just nothing display in the monitor.