Cannot detect external hard drive

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My acomdata external hard drive cannot be detected by PC laptop (vista, window xp) or Mac. It can be detected by both PC or Mac before.

This hard drive does not need to be formatted or update any driver to use. It worked fine for the first three months, but it does not show up in the computer now. I am sure the connections are fine. When I turn on the external hard drive, there is a red light turn on for about 2 seconds, then it changed to blue light.

I checked the Device Manager and Disk Management, the external hard drive was not in both places. I tried all usb ports, different computers, turn the external hard drive on and off several times, nothing happens.

Need solutions! Please help.

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hi there,

check the usb cable and replace if needed

i try another cable, but the external hard drive still can't be detected.

i think it is a wrong idea to buy the external hard drive. For backup, I will use dvd now.
Acomdata Drive Not Recognized: I ran into the same issue, and the issue was due to an power adapter with incorrect ratings. Fixed it with using an adapter with power rating: Input 50-60 Hz 1.2A & Output 5V - 2A, 12V - 1.2A