No signal to monitor through pci-express

acondon747 - Sep 16, 2008 at 01:46 AM
 snowman - Oct 31, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Hello, I have a bit of an odd situation with my case of the video not working. So I built my computer about 3 years ago now after getting an HP one and just rebuilding it with a new mboard/cpu/psu/mem/etc. and just over a few years here I have had a video card issue this new problem cost me 80 bucks for a new card that apparentally doesn't work now also, but here goes.

First card I got for my new system (I will post the whole set at the end) was a nVidia 7600gt and it worked all fine and dandy until around 6 months in my computer would randomally restart and after a few days into that the computer just plain old wouldn't turn on. First thought obviously for me was replace the card, boom done.

New card was also a 7600gt same model XFX and such, only a few days ago it worked perfectly fine then one day I woke up (usually leave comp on all day) turned on the monitor ORANGE glow. Well then... went ahead and figured oh it's just another bad vid card and checking newegg the model I bought was DISCONTUED, aint that a b.... Decided let's just get over it and buy a 8600gts to upgrade myself and get better results allright.

Well installed the card turned on the system it boots up, no signal, try the onboard well works fine, disabled the onboard tried again nope same issue. Tried cleaning out the comp dusting, replacing pieces one at a time, no change so far.

Heres the kicker, socket 939 boards are hard to come by so replacing that will be difficult and expensive for one, number 2 when I turn on the computer the video cards fan whirs slowly up to full speed then slowly then back up for 5 times straight. I figure it is either a PSU issue or the whole darn thing needs to be replaced.

Please tell me I don't need to replace anything other than the PSU, my last PCI-Express cards are trashed anyways, I have no extras and no one else uses PCI-X in my house, I ran a cpu-id program while on the computer under my on board graphics and it sees the PCI-X slot and says there is a card in it, but the computer will not detect it at all.

I tried disabling on board and uninstalling the drivers but that did nothing, only things I have not tried is safe mode while on the on board graphics but so far nothing is even providing a partial solution. Sorry for the whole story involved here but this one is a dandy and is really just stupid.

AMD64-X2 4400+
GSkill 2GB Dual-Channel
Sound blaster audigy 4
Maxtor 260GB
Seagate 160GB
Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS 939 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
nVidia 8600GTS 256MB - *brand new*
Airnet 500W APS500 24pin ATX Power Supply
DVD+RW Lightscribe 16x
CD+RW 52x
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

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I had very much same story. HP desktop PC just 2 years old. G card not detected, but another new one, but the same thing! The summary is The PCI-e slot is dead.
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Sep 16, 2008 at 05:29 AM
hello buddy,

well to tell you the truth the problem is with your motherboard I have been through your question several times and what I can tell you is to try to change the motherboard since the problem is with it.
Got a new little thing to add to this also, while I had figured it was the board for a while in I tested the start up over and over and listened closely to the PSU and discovered that it was clicking at start up trying to start the video card up then it would swap to on board.
My problem is Only in Win7 or Vista. Under XP I can play games for hours straight.
In win7 I stay 5 minutes on desktop, my screen go's black and says No Signal Input. But if I startup a game before its crasing I can play for hours, but as soon as I close the game No Signal Input again!
Heat? Drivers? Mobo? Vidcard?
I am using: Ati Radeon HD 5770

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Aug 28, 2010 at 10:48 PM
I have the same problem, I believe the PCI express part of the motherboard is shot, and I cannot find a socket 939 motherboard. Tried the video card from my other computer in this computer and it also did not work, so I know it isn't the video card.
You're story sounds oh so familiar. I bought a HP about 3 years ago, the original specs were (mobo: asus) (cant remember exact specs) 2.4 amd x2 with 2gb of ram and a 7600 gs Nvidia G-card. After a few years of no hicks my computer would either lock up or random restart. After that continued for a few days straight it started not to detect an input signal on my monitor. then after that the whole computer wouldn't even power up, I used my power supply on my spare computer and it was fine. So it couldn't have been the power supply. So I figured well the hard drive and g-card are probably still good, so I went ahead and bought a mobo + cpu combo from newegg. I got a (Foxconn: a7gm) AMD 64 x2 5200, 2.7 ghz, 3 gb of ram, pci-x compatible.) it ran great for a few months. Then ..just a few days ago, my game froze again! but this time, when I restarted my computer, I had a bunch of weird lines all over my screen (pattern like). so I uninstalled my g-card driver thinking maybe there was an issue with that, but after I did that I would get a black screen if I tried to run in normal mode, there was no input. so I tried safe mode, and it worked, but the lines were still there. I even reformatted thinking maybe I got a virus or something got corrupted, but same crap happened. I could only run safe mode while the g-card was in, but there are weird lines everywhere still. So the only thing I could think of was maybe my g-card gave out? so I took it out and ran off the integrated graphics. After I did that, everything looked find...except I dont have a good graphic card now!

i hope my new mobo isn't defective already, I hope I just need a new pci g-card. And it sucks because all my spare g-cards are AGP, this was my first pci g-card. So I'm stuck waiting to save up for a g-card ,hoping it will actually work how its suppose to.
I have the same issue. Got an HP about 2yrs old and was running an hd4850 g-card. Two days ago I bought the HD5770 and installed it. Computer wouldn't display anything. Won't even boot. If I take out the card it works well on the board graphics. I have an 800watt PSU so thats ruled out. Only thing remaining is that the PCIe slot is bad. I go into BIOS to select which video source to use and it only shows onboard and PCI. Its supposed to show PCI-E as well. I guess its time to build a comp from scratch. No more HP with crap boards.
upgrade your power supply unit to 500 watt or better. it will solve your problems like it did to mine too. remember, don't buy cheap quality psu. cooler master is no doubt a better solution. I guarantee, this power supply will never disappoint you.
recently Ive upgraded my pci express with the raedon hd 6770 and I was getting the no input signal to hdmi & vgi .Ive replaced the new card with the old one and still , I was getting no signal. Then ive put the new card back tried few more things with no luck. Out of sheer luck I replace the HDMI cable with one thicker HDMI cable that I was using for the DVD player and voila ,, LET IT BE LIGHT " . Its working like a charm now. I hope this will help somebody with same situation.good luck.
Ive got this same problem ... is the PSW or the motherboard. I suspect its the motherboard because my PSU realatively new but the but is a cheap peice of crap so im not 100% sure.
I am having the same problem with my 9800 GTX . It was working then it stopped and I don't have the money to fix it or replace anything. The only thing different is that the fan on the card does what it's supposed to; speed up on start up then back to normal. I just bought this card as well. And I also just bought a cooler master extreme powersupply (500w).