Speakers not working

Kayleigh - Jan 25, 2010 at 09:42 AM
 Blocked Profile - Jan 29, 2010 at 05:03 AM
Heya :)

I've got an acer laptop and i have just bought some external speakers.
My built in speaks work..when the other speakers are not plugged in.

The new speakers go in and out of volume but I would suspect it wouldnt sound as bad if all the speakers were working along side them.
If I unplug the speakers the built in speakers work fine. I just wanted the new ones for volume boost.

Can anyone help please :) ?

Thank yooooh :)

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Jan 29, 2010 at 05:03 AM
Dear Kayleigh,

Please get the problem fixed by changing the speaker settings. For accessing to the Speaker settings, please get to Start> Control panel> Sound and Audio properties> Volume tab> Speaker settings and click on advanced.

Thank you.